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Rebirth of Mandalore


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- "Well we can sure try" - Janya said and looked at Lin - "Come on."


Lin and Janya walked as silently as they could behind a crate.


- "Alright, I'll go to the far right, you stay on this side and slash quickly, when you see the bolts coming, let go and the force will do it for you" - Janya said and ran for the third gun emplacement, all of them fired at her as she slashed the gun and cut it in half. Lin took advantage at the distraction Janya had created and lunched herself against the first gun, she deflected the some bolts and some hit her on her armor, but she was able to slice the gun and kill the alien behind it, she then used her flamethrower to burn the other gun and killed the alien. She sliced the second gun as Janya headed for the fourth gun. Janya lept behind the alien thrusting her saber in his chest and taking the gun. She started firing at the aliens who started to come out of the ship after hearing all the shots.


- "Dag, we got them!" - Lin shouted.

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- "Got it Dag" - Janya said and lept again behind Lin.


Lin and Janya started to deflect the bolts that came near the Mandalorian squad. The aliens were falling at the fire from the squad. They had finally reached the loading ramp from the ship.


- "Lin check inside for hostiles!" - Ryker called out.


Lin entered the ship with Janya sabering everyone on their way. The alien pilot was the only one left alive and he surrendered.


- "Dag, this alien surrendered" - Ryker said, pulling the alien and tossing him at Dag's feet.

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"Stun cuff him, Corporal"


The corporal did as Dag ordered him to.


"All right. Now we need to head to Coruscant. Try to rig the ship to send out a signal informing everyone we're friendly. If the aliens have struck elsewhere, they might attack this ship on sight."


"On it." Said the engineer, and he began working on the terminal in the cockpit.

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Jen went to patrol the ship as ordered. Though other patrols were searching other parts of the ship, Jen ignored them, searching the entire ship herself. By the time she came back, the other patrols had been back for a while already. She was relieved she could report the same thing they had.


"No surprises," she said. "We've completely taken over."

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Lin glanced over at the prisoner then turned to look at Dag.


- "What about this looser? Should we space him?" - Lin said.


Janya turned to Lin.


- "I suggest we don't kill him, he could be useful as a prisoner, but I fear he may not speak basic" - Janya said.


- "How is that possible? He surrendered to you" - Lin said.


- "Well, he only threw away his weapon, he did not speak, but we've spoken enough of this, Dag must decide what to do with him, shall we confine him or do we...space him?" - Janya said.

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((Sorry for not replying in so long))


As Dag and the others discussed what to do with their prisoner Silis noticed something through the viewport. “Dag, sir. There are a lot of alien ships out there, it doesn’t look like the Republic is winning.”


“Dag!” Another Mandalorian shouted from the entrance to a hallway, “More alien soldiers are coming this way.”




Meanwhile on the planet’s surface…


General Graven was furious, his plan was going to waste and if he didn’t find some way to fix things he’d have far worse to fear than death.


“Sir,” an officer said appearing in the doorway with a look of dread on his face. “They’re here.”


General Graven’s angered expression gave way to one of pale terror. “Oh no…”

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((It's a big ship. And guys, feel free to take more liberty with the story. With the NPCs and stuff. You don’t have to use one liners all the time.))


The Mandalorians blocked the doors and the aliens couldn’t get through. “That should hold them for a while sir, what do we do now?”


“Whatever we do sir,” Another Mandalorian said as he looked through the door’s window at the aliens, “We’d better do it fast. They’re preparing explosives.”

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Dag swore.


"All right, we'll have to delay them a bit. Corporal, Silis, help me out here."


He opened the door a little, and shot the two aliens preparing explosives. Silis and the Corporal provided some more fire. One of the aliens roared and began shooting back. Dag quickly stepped back and closed the door, but one shot hit him in the arm. He was thrown backwards onto the bulkhead. He sat up. The armor seemed to have taken most of the impact.


"Dag, take that off!"


He looked down again, and found that whatever he'd been shot with had begun eating through his armor. He quickly took the armplate off, and threw it down onto the floor.


"Look at that!"


Even though the substance was eating through Dag's armor quickly, the ship seemed unharmed by it, in fact once the substance was on the ship's floor, it lay there benignly, and after a few seconds, it stopped glowing. The corporal tentatively pushed it with his boot. No more damage.


"Of course......whatever that is recognizes their own armor! The guys we shot didn't die, they were knocked out by the impact!"


"Great, we're going to have to go back to using the flamethrowers. There's no way we can get in range without getting decimated."


He looked around for any other way out. He saw a vent overhead. Using his jetpack he hovered to get a closer look.


"This could be a way to flank them...but it's too small. They can't fit through there, and with our armor we can't fit either. But.."


He looked at Janya and motioned for her to come over.


"Come over here, take a look? Can you fit through here? You could attack them from behind, distract them while we rush forward. "

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Janya moved closer to Dag and took a look. It was small but she could fit through.


- "Yes, I'll take them and then you guys charge forward" - Janya said.


Lin was standing over by the door and saw Janya go in. She crawled through the vent and looked down at the aliens, they were all facing the door, this was the perfect moment for her to strike. Janya opened the vent as slowly as she could and then leapt behind the aliens, they hadn't noticed yet. She then turned on her lightsaber and beagn slicing through them and the other aliens close to the door noticed and they also turned to shoot at Janya.


- "Dag! She did it!" - Lin said taking her blasters out.

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"Wait for it..."


As the last of the aliens move their attention from the bridge, Dag opened the door. The mandalorians rushed through, a barrier of fire in front of them.


The aliens, stuck between an oncoming wall of fire and a jedi, began trying to retreat. As they got closer, the mandalorians switched to melee weapons to avoid friendly fire.

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Lin took out her saber, she started slicing through the aliens on her path, closely following her was Ryker who took one of Lin's vibroswords and started to fight off the aliens.


Janya was busy as well, she tried to keep the aliens from retreating so she called Lin over. Lin went through the alien squad trying to reach Janya. When Janya saw Lin on her side she force pushed some aliens to the ground at Dag's feet.


- "They're falling quickly...don't let them retreat!" - Janya said to Lin and Ryker.

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Suddenly Janya was thrown to the ground by a Force push. When she looked back a man in black robes wielding a vibrosword was fighting along side the aliens. He knocked down a few Mandalorians with the Force and decapitated another. With the limited number of men Dag had, he couldn’t afford to loose very many. Especially to one man. If someone didn’t stand up to this newcomer he could potentially cripple their ranks.


((He is skilled at swordfighting, and has some Dark Force training, but is not as powerful as a Sith. Consider him an NPC and feel free to control him, but don’t kill him.))


Meanwhile, back on the planet below…


General Graven walked with haste down the corridors of his base. Upon reaching the docking bay he was met by an officer. “They are waiting in the lobby sir.”


“Thank you captain,” Graven said and proceeded to the lobby.


As the lobby doors hissed open a small group of decorated aliens stood around a pair of dark robed figures.


“Masters,” Graven said kneeling at their feet.


“Get up,” One of them said. “Assemble your men and prepare to leave this place.”


Graven looked up with surprise.


“You have failed here, but we still have use for you and your men. So come with us and destroy everything here.”


The two robed men then turned and left the lobby. Graven got up and motioned to the captain, “Give the evacuation, and begin the self destruct process.”

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