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The Halloween Thread! (oh no it's haunted!)


Halloween is...  

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  1. 1. Halloween is...

    • AWESOME! I do the scaring!
    • Scary! I'm scared... :(
    • boring, I was forced to work/study and eat my vegetables instead.
    • ...oooh too much candy, I'm sick.

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Hey everyone! This is the thread for people to post Halloween stuff.


Put up pics, whatever of stuff you're doing this year for Halloween time (as long as it's legal and not obscene!). Show us your costume, your loot, whatever.


This year, sadly I don't know if I'm going to have the time or energy to get out there and do anything. I like to think that Halloween doesn't stop being fun just because you're not a kid anymore. Sure I don't go out trick 'o' treating, but I give out candy (there's some kids next door that probably could stand to be even more hyperactive, thanks to me, woot! If the parents are reading this, don't feel bad, kids are like that, heh) and there's the possibility of a party or two, acting weird in front of strangers for a couple hours.


It's a few days away but there's events going on tonight, tomorrow, the next day for me. Sadly I have a paper due AND an exam on monday, argggh. Now THAT'S scary! Heh, anyway... hopefully the sugar high will carry me through!


And if any of you are stuck home sick or whatever or don't have a better excuse, I've taken to renaming the Meatgrinder server to Meatgrinder Halloween! You may see some spooky names and people using skins (costumes, get it? lol).


So have a safe one. Check out a "scary movie" (see groovy thread on the subject) or something. Have a happy Halloween (if you celebrate). ;)


PS: Share your Halloween stories past or present or ghost stories if you like.

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I'm going with my girlfriend to see The Corpse Bride tomorrow... Yeah, it's the premiere here... It'll be a blast, and we're going to "goth" ourselves up, really over the top. X-D


No plans for Halloween yet, will probably end up watching a movie. :p

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Well, now that I scared him off...


Sadly, I've had to miss three Halloween parties due work/studies sucking up all my free energy. However, I have one more chance Halloween night, so either I'll be handing out candy, go to a concert (in costume!) or both.

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Put up pics, whatever of stuff you're doing this year for Halloween time (as long as it's legal and not obscene!).

Now it's time for Pie to play 'guess the keywords'...



Myself, not doing anything special, maybe leeching some candy from my lil sis.

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Well this has probably been the least eventful Halloween yet. I guess in the big city people don't take their kids trick-o-treating, as nobody came by tonight even though I had my light on and pumpkin up. Oh well, more candy for me *gulp*burp*crunch*eat*


Lots of parties going on, but having them during the week really throws a monkey wrench into my plans. I did get to check out a Psycho/Donnie Darko double feature at the theater though, that was fun.


Next year I'm planning ahead!

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For the first time in years I remembered to buy candy, so that i wouldn't be standing appologetic and enpty handed in the doorway when the first kids came round (and then hiding in shame from then on).


Then I made the mistake of being led astray to the pub and not actually getting home until 11pm, by which time the kids had all melted away. :(


So I have a bag of chocolate to myself :)


ps: is it bad i find this funny? http://www.vgcats.com/comics/?strip_id=170

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We had a quarter of our candy left. There were hardly any trick or treaters. A few little kids who couldn't even remember what to say when I opened the door and some kids from highschool not even in costumes were all I really saw. Anywho, I didn't do anything special. Oh, these are mainly for Kurgan to show I'm not a complete party pooper ;)


Pumpking Carving 2004 - Me eating the Pumpkin guts



Pumpking Carving 2005 - Me puking up the Pumpkin guts



I must admit those are some great camera angles because I don't recall any of that stuff actually getting into my mouth :p

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Here's a picture of me as batman. I made the chestpiece, gauntlets, and cape, with the help of my bro. I ran out of time so I couldn't make latex leggings.The other picture is of me and my brother. I don't think i'll win this fight :). My brother also made his costume. I'll post a few more pics later. hopefully some better ones of me.



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