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The Halloween Thread! (oh no it's haunted!)


Halloween is...  

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  1. 1. Halloween is...

    • AWESOME! I do the scaring!
    • Scary! I'm scared... :(
    • boring, I was forced to work/study and eat my vegetables instead.
    • ...oooh too much candy, I'm sick.

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You people are friggin' awesome.


Yeah, next year I'm definately planning ahead. It was too danged quiet. Kids these days just don't know how to have fun!


Here's my (scary) pics. Yes, that is me as "the crow" and yes I've got the lace-less army boots and the duct tape and twine "repairs". True, the outfit is "cheap" there's no leather in it (except the boots) and no bullet holes. And my hair isn't long (tried a Howard Stern wig one year, but it was just too KISS-like). But I had fun "scaring" the camera.... a bit too much fun.


And yes, this is a piece of crap webcam, so they didn't turn out too well.



Okay, so it's a costume. No problem there.



Oh, fancy moves! ;)



Drugs? No... candy!



What the...!? Oh no "the rage" has gotten into him!



Oh @#*$&^% he's coming for me!!!



You wouldn't know it was a webcam without this classic cliched shot. THE HORROR, THE HORROR!



Ha Ha Ha! Seeing you afraid is mirth for me!!


Happy Halloween!

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Too bad we don't have a digital camera. I would show you a a cool pumpkin my brother carved, depicting a scene from Star Wars episode III.

It was from the duel between Anakin and Obi-wan on the lava planet. The lightsabers were fully carved out, and the rest was made by scraping off the pumpkin skin. It had a very nice effect, and many of the trick-or-treaters commented on it.


My brother also carved Grievous from ep III and Sauron from LOTR. I carved a gollum pumpkin.

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