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Just wanted to share something

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Nice work, DSS. Cheerful? :D


Bah. Love is a stainless steel eagle inscribed with hellish utterances, jet black, bristling with missiles and chain guns under a forty-foot wingspan that comes screeching down upon you on a moonless, stormy night. Its only purpose can be to destroy.


Angst? :dozey: Nope. Carry on.

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Watch "Denis Leary: No cure for cancer"




Yeah. :max: Watch the shiney toy!


*(Dangles a bright plastic toy on a string in front of Spooky, instantly hypnotizing him. Steals his wallet and quickly escapes, leaving him standing mesmerized in public in such a suggestible state that anyone could come along and reprogram him...)*

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Ray takes opportunity!






Pst, you are an internet forum server, but disconnected! Reestablish connection via the police offi--hermherm-internet-forum-server-connection-hub over there immediately man, people wanna post! But don't forget to clean out the socket thoroughly before pluggin' in!


Err, What? Nah, wireless is for chumps.






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