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BETA TEST: Siege_Endor_Village

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This is a BETA test of 1/3rd of my BATTLE OF ENDOR siege map.


I need help with playtesting and finetuning to make sure the gameplay is just right.

I don't need to know about all the graphics that aren't done and the missing handrails etc...

BUT I do need to know if any of the textures are missing or not working.


If you can help with redrawing some of the lo-res textures I'm currently using please feel free to drop me a line.


YOU MUST read the readme file - it contains important information on how to start the game and the EXTRA FILES you will need to download.


It is availble temporarily from here (24mb):



I hope to have it up at JK2files.com and pcgamemods.com as soon as I can get it to upload.


Some older pix of the level:

Darth Vader enters the Ewok Village in pursuit of the Rebels...



Imagine the Ewok carnage!



Thank the Maker?


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It's very important you download all the extra player model files!

I didn't include them to save on space, but you'll need them.


Thanks to Kurgan for pointing out I negelected to mention that you also need these ones as well!!!

OK, It's VaderVM 2.1: http://pcgamemods.com/mod/11421.html - though the more recent ones should work as well...maybe...

it's mc_hansolo: http://jediknight2.filefront.com/file/Han_Solo;7779

AT-ST Pilot is at http://pcgamemods.com/mod/11250.html


PLease let me know of any other missing stuff.

Its hard to test on my computer as my JK:JA install has been messed with so much now!!! LOL

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In case you missed it!


Map 3 BETA TEST Released!




Of the three maps this one is the least polished at the moment.

Needs considerable work - especially scripting and some help working out why my transparent shaders show up as BLACK through the fog.

Also didn't have time to do the bot routes or NPC routes on this one yet.

Let me know what you think and if any


of the files are missing!!!

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Well, my first piece of feedback would make sure to repackage all the associated models into the actual map .pk3 file and strip out all the unnessicary .skins, npc files, etc.


In fact, I'd rename the models to be exclusive for your map. The new geonosis1a siege map is a pretty good example of this.


The reason why I suggest this is because lately it seems like it's the map packs that are causing most of the file conflicts and model icon/NPC file overloads that many users have been having.


Finally, it would be great if the NPCs on the map were more responsive. From my short time with the map, they don't seem to react much. Maybe add in some additional NPC routes and change their behavior settings?


PS, I'm continuing to work on getting the map to work with the tab bots. The problem I'm having at the moment is that endor objectives are being set seperately for each team when normally all objectives in siege are "shared". Is there anyway you could change the map scripting to function more like that or should I fix the default siege behavior so that it will work right for the sort of split objectives system that you've done?

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