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They Took the Sky from Us


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Bottom line: Serenity will not be shown in Israel, in order to convince the rest of the civilized world that we're a ****ed-up third world country.


They've started showing Firefly here on a major TV channel, and I've pretty much enjoyed Serenity parts I+II. The characters all seem pretty cliche so far, but Nathan Fillion already shines much brighter than he had when I saw him in Buffy. And there's whats-her-name who played Heidi in Wonderfalls, who's also pretty good.

Anyway, the episode wasn't bad.

The famous shooting-first part was indeed done very well.


Now, since Serenity did only moderately in the US box office, they won't release it here.


But Joss went online and thanked Israeli fans, which is cool.







(you can use abcd1234 for username/password)

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Shensheng de gaowan! That's fúcked up!


The movie gets an 8.3/10 rating on imdb (with 21,601 votes, which some of the movies in the Top 250 don't even get), it gets pretty good reviews (lots of fresh tomatoes!), people mostly love it...

Just because the business side isn't so good in another country they can the cinematical showings (is that a word?)?


Only 20 days left. I hope they show it in Germany.


I gotta predict a blockbuster DVD release again and hope they do that soon.

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This sort of thing happens. Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate events wasn't released here, because they thought it wouldn't be successful. I understood it's actually a pretty good movie.


Anyway, I forgot to explain that the second link is Joss comforting Israeli fans:

Posted: 01 Nov 2005 8:07 pm

Post subject: A Sadness

I just wanted to say that I've gotten packets of letters and artwork and collages and just huge, lovely feedback from the Israeli fans and so this news gives me a sadness. If any of you guys are reading this, I just wanna say, uh... find a friend with a big TV. And sorry. I'm not the boss of this. -joss.


The first link explains how Joss managed to shoot a sci-fi flick for only $39 million.

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Did I see Serenity at the cinema?

No, I didn't.


They don't show it at the local cinema. Instead it is soon to be closed.

They don't show it at the next big city (where I work), Bayreuth.

They do show it in Nürnberg (Nuremberg), but only at 10.30 pm... too late for trains and I don't have a car.


I had such high hopes that Sernity might do good in Germany, after I saw it featured in 2 movie recommendations on TV...


At least the DVD has already been released and (like I predicted) it is at #1 in Amazon.com's DVD sales ranks.

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Yes, firefly is indeed one helluva brilliant television series. In fact, at this current time it is my all time favourite series. I loved it, even so much more than the movie Serenity, which is now one of my all time favourite movies.


I love Josh Whedon, he is one of the greatest people. Ever.

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I bought the Serenity tin and got raped by our customs office. An office in Dresden did paperwork on the import and they stapled EzyDVD's invoice to it. Then they didn't forward it to me or my nearest customs office in Bei... ah Bayreuth, but to one near Nuremberg. The blokes there sent me a letter telling me to send them an invoice. I sent them a printout, but since I was a little late I had to pay a fine when it finally arrived in my post office. Then I discovered that they alread had an invoice and it had already been processed in Dresden and that they should have sent it to a closer customs office where I wouldn't have had to write a letter and could have just visited with the damn invoice.


Serenity: not my lucky movie. But a great one.

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