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I blame the media.


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I blame my ex-girlfriend.

Funny... I blame her too.

And the french...

Yes indeedy... as well as the Russians, the Ranchers, the Creamy Italians, and the Thousand Islanders... :p


Now... let's see who's gonna blame me for that terrible pun. :dozey:

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Oh, how's that song go...they play it in the halls on National Mole Day...what is it? It's like...


Something something...or have you heard

6 times 10 to the 23rd

That's a 6 with 23 zeroes at the end

Much too big a number to comprehend


And it's got these catchy little verses with facts about moles, like if you had a mole of pieces of paper you could go to the moon and back a certain amount of times or something...I love that song.

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Das Mole has acquired unitary status. If nothing is done, a search engine could be named after him someday!


*(Shows Ray his sword.)* Don't even think about it...


None of this would have happened if the Chicken hadn't asked the question in the first place. :dozey: So, which came first--the Chicken or the blame?

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