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NeoMarz's Ultimate Clone Pack VM


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D=..... wonderful. Well, I can't get it to work. Whatever I try, the symbol always goes on both legs.


I think I know what the problem is. The model is segmented so that anything below the belt line, and above the knees is considered the "HIPS". Since there is no left and right side for the hips, it probably wont work. If the symbols were below the knee, then it probably would. Sorry about that. I would have to create a new map for that model specifcly, Just go ahead and do your best, maybe later we can do that... Ug, maybe not, cuz I would have to re-weight that too..... Dang... Let me think on that. Marz out

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Thanks for owning the modelling business atm.


Love Tesla




Marz when this is done and you are not busy you want to give out some mini tuts on texturing?


I might do that, but Youd have to have photo shop to do the tricks I know. Maybe some of you guys could share a few tricks. Marzout

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Well, my thoughts on the Commandos:


- Release them seperately, therefor you can create all four of them without overcrowding a single pk3.

- The textures are pretty good, however the spec shader makes it look a little too.. clean/shiny. My advice is to make a really grainy, bumpy image of scratches and ripples and whatnot (strictly b&w), then map it as an environment map. It may help recreate the look of the original game.

- The visor bugs me, only because it isn't my style. To each their own, right? My opinion is that it doesn't look like a neon light, lighting the visor (which is it)... but rather a blue tinted visor (ala Commander Gree).


Just my two cents =P


I'll post my updates pretty soon, but I'd like to know what's happening with Bly and Deviss' Visor and a map-able "arc skirt".


I do apologise for my textures taking so much longer (and at this point, probably holding the release date back) but I am confident you understand it is worth the wait.

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:angel: :angel: :angel: New Plan of Attack :angel: :angel: :angel:


O.k. I just had something happen that never has before. I maxed out my NPC extensions (even with the update). The models wont load if you have too many models, I thought the patch made it possible to have tons of NPC's (not the case). Unless someone knows how to change that...


Well Here is my plan to make a lot of varients still usable even without the NPC file. I will put the red Arc Clone for a red team, Blue for a blue team. As you know team Colors are available for non team games as well. This only means that the There wont be an NPC for every model :p It will free up the Icon loads on the main screen. If you havent done this already, dont make team colors for all your varients. Let me sort that out. Marz..............................out? :p

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Here's a quick shot of some of the texture I have right now. I apologize for taking so long, but like I said on the first page, I'm doing the textures from scratch. Once I get the "clean" body done (which is almost done, btw) .. It's all downhill from there... It won't take long at all.


**Note that some of the textures here are still Marz's... mine were not "fit for show"**



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