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NeoMarz's Ultimate Clone Pack VM


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:angel: :angel: :angel: Here you go Zappa :angel: :angel: :angel:


This isnt much but I highlighted all the areas that I spend 95% of my time (excluding the paint bucket). The layering tool becomes essential to working out great effects (bottom right). It gets fairly complicated in showing in what way I use the tools, but at least you have an idea of the most important areas. I would spend alot of time experimenting with the areas Ive highlighted. Youll find that when you understand how each tool works, you can come up with your own technique for creating certain effects. Hope it sorta helps. Marzout


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Just a quick comment guys...... If you have something your missing, write me an E-mail. Dont use the private message option, cuz I dont look at that too often. I have a lot of things to remember, so If I havent sent you what you need, then I probably forgot. Forgive me, but I am not a MultiTasker. I know there are parts needed, so send me a "detailed" list of what you need. Tell me exactly what you need. Mars out

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I think it would look great and then would totally beat haps models. Also for the imperial logo, it was the Republic logo before the rebellion. You can see the logo on the gunships, jedi star fighters and other vehicles of the republic. That is why I added the logo, plus with the #6 ROTS clone trooper toys, they come with a shoulder pad that you can replace to have a logo and plain or plain and plain shoulder pad.

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Little snippet I did to help Zappa out.


I redid the silver and black cuts and texture touchups, basically all he's gotta do now is shade, brighten, etc.

Fix up the glove and the visor. And don't worry Zappa, you'll do fine, just follow the chart.


PS: Marz, check your PM's.


Hey are you interested in skinning the Purple Clone Commander? Let me know soon. Cuz I think thats about the last of the varients. Marzout

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I've done almost everything, but like I've said in the past 3 messages to you (excluding PMs) I still need the ARC Shoulder pad, the skirt and the visor - for both Commander Deviss and Commander Bly.


I'm sorry if this is taking too long to your standards, but you have to understand that what I am doing takes time, not to mention I have a full-time job. At this point I believe I am going to take possibly two more days. So do everything you have to do, don't worry about me - My package (once I email it) will have all the icons, shaders, etc in a pk3... all you'll have to do is add it to the zip or pk3 (however you're chosing to package it).


For my final list, I am doing these:

- Commander Bly (Yellow)

- Commander Thire (Red)

- Commander Gree (Green)

- Commander Deviss (Darker red, wears visor in all shots; plus ARC "skirt" and shoulder pad)

- 212th Attack Battalion (Bly's troops, modified pattern and no visor)

- 7th Sky Corps (White with green stripes, etc)

- 41st Elite Legion (Dark grey)

- Galactic Marine (Not a part of your models. This is just my new texture on the Snowtrooper - to better help the "complete" feel of the pack)


Now I'm hoping you can hold out those extra 2-3 days, I can assure you it's worth it.


P.S. @ Kain: Having two Grees in an already cluttered skin pack is not the smartest thing I've ever heard.


And for the screen-wolves:


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*sigh* did i said directly in pack? no, i said do your own and show (i.e ingame or modview) example so we could choose here on LF.


Well, aside from the problem with your attitude, ... I should point out you DIDN'T say anything regarding showing it at all.. nor mention anything about [here]. Shall I refresh your memory?


you could do your own skin and people would choose which looks better.


Now what am I supposed to make from that?


Now, supposing you had conveyed your message in a respectful, coherent manner.... having a "competition" to vote which person's work looks better isn't very respectful, and is far too time consuming and pointless on something we had already established at the beginning.

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