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NeoMarz's Ultimate Clone Pack VM


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I am sure Ruku is doing it, wasn't sure when I posted. Also it's a GLM not an MD3 :p


*List of what's left to do (new model wise) if he so chooses*


AT RT Driver

Aborne Soldier

Clone Pilot

Jango Head

Jango in casual clothes

Deviss Binoculars

Bly Binoculars

41st scout troopers

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I started doing this today it's a clone pilot




I was mainly doing it as a test but I wondered if you might wanna stick it into the pack if I get it finished.


I redid all the helmet textures but the face was taken from gingerguys pilot, I also plan on redoing all the body textures or atleast most of them...


If you don't want it in the pack I don't mind I only started doing it to test those skinning techniques that Marz put up earlier.

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Hey, I was forwarded ehre by a friend, and I really like the models :)


I was wondering, Tesla, are you going to reskin your ARC Troopers? I really like the NewARC/default_tan ARC Trooper (the skin with tan "pants"), and I'd greatly appreciate seeing it on the new model.


Thanks :)

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Dear GOD! MAybe I oused my EW Tesla account for that.

How did you know I was solomander!?


Gad-Zap! Yes I want pants on this model but it looks like I'm going to have to merge and get permission from Marz, the Default Tan is the original Xirin Kenebra. Good to see I actually have fans! Wow...


If I can't do the pants thing, I plant to use Commander Gree's Camo instead. Yes I plan on remaking all 8 of my Mando Pants ARCs

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:angel: :angel: :angel: Screenshot :angel: :angel: :angel:


God, This forum is packing up! I wish I had the time to answer everyone, so let me try... Ahem...

Insane Sith I will send the varient as soon as I can (purple clone).


Zappa O... I will try and send the neo for you to work on.


Plasma, I might consider that pilot, keep working on it. I looks pretty good, Is that head fully modeled? put up a 3/4 view so I can see what you got.


Falkener... I thought there was a rocket trooper with blue, I needed a screen for that. Thanks!


Tesla... The second Airborne will be the final varient. I still have to model the purple commander, and that... And I still need to get the parts out. Were getting closer, but still alot of work ahead.


Everyone! I'm concerned here. The file will be really huge, I'm not sure what the file capacity is over at JK2.files. I hope I can put this together, and compress the file content to be exceptable. The Arc Trooper pack is a monster, and I need to work that one over. Overall, I just want to say thanks to everyone for turning out support here. I think this will turn out to be the funnest project yet.




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