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NeoMarz's Ultimate Clone Pack VM


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Heh got bored and made this mainly for zappa for his clone wars still need to add font and do like a few more probably 3 or 4





And i was thinknig why dont ya make it like a species selecton mix and match make your own clones and have a few main clones like cody and baccara n junk in the main selecton screen and the black one could even do for a red team skin or something

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i meant the kama design, not the colour... look at blys kama or the 2d airborne and then check the design against the design of Alphas (blue one) kama its quite different where blys goes down to his knees and only has a small notch Alphas goes down to his ankles and has a gash from just below his ass and down



personaly i prefer alphas style, and i would realy love to see it on the model....



THAT was what i wanted to know will there be such a kama design or not

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hey, the page is working again :D kick ass!


Marz, all those clones look AWSOME! :D one suggestion, can you make a quick skin of Neo w/o the band, so that there can be non-commander Recon troops too? :) Also, I noticed that your ARC clones have Bly's pistols. you do realise Bly has individual pistols right? They're rare ones that almost no other clones use, or atleast thats the impression I got :S The pistols the ARC clones of phase I used were the long-barreled ones

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