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NeoMarz's Ultimate Clone Pack VM


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is there any possibility that any of these jetpacks will be modeled and able to be added or removed from skins??


and yes i know its poor pictures of the jetpacks, but they look realy good!

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I once requested for the clone blaze trooper and an air-battledroid on Hap's void, but no one wanted to do it...But after looking at the clone blaze trooper for a while, i realised a li' bit of re-modelling and reskinning of the hazard trooper would be good enough.Could anybody do that?

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Here is a straight on shot... Does anyone still the head looks too small? In anatomy I know the chest is usually two heads in width. Marzout





I think the head is fine, it just looks kinda irregular because the neck seems too long. Maybe making the neck a bit shorter will make it look better.


By the way your clone pack is awesome, thanks.

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Rob I dont think he has it yet. And I believe he said for you to send him your skin so he could include it in 2.0. You should do it.


ok zappa. only how cn i sent it to him? msn? if he gots msn he cn contact me on: robert-popijus@hotmail.com iam almost 12hours in a day online so if someone wants to speak to me then you got a good chance iam online :)


i hope marz or someone els adds me soon. couse it would be great that it could be released in V2 :):)

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Hey all, i am so crazy aboud marz his clones that i started a Academy.

we wil get a website a mod and we already got a server.

enyone that joins gets his own mod with his own weapons and his own place in the list at the website. you can even join if your not in a clan.

srry if this sounds off-topic. in this massage i wanted to thank the clomplete VM team fore they wonderfull work, you guys did a Realy Great Job



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Robert, that is way cool! Hope the clan goes well, keep us up on that kay?


:angel: :angel: :angel: Attention Tesla :angel: :angel: :angel:


I just sent you the customizable clone base models. If you need anything else let me know. We should tackle each part sets one at a time. We need to work together and decide what will be changeable for the Head, torso, and leg sets. I have not sourced any specific skins in the file, but the basic ones are there for each part. Marzout

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My suggestion for the parts list sir!


Painted parts will be changed to RGB compatable











Deviss (goggles are down :D)



501st OR 7th sky corps pattern (same helm pattern?)


Jango (can be painted green to boba)

OR! Separate Boba




Torso Combos

bacara Shoulderpad

airborne shoulderpad

ARC A shoulderpad

ARC B Shoulderpad

Cody Gear

Jango Gear

Boba Gear

Commando Gear


7th sky corps



Leg Combos








Tell me what you think or If I missed anything.

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You have a good general list, Just start with those and we will consider the rest later. We can add more later, right? I think Aracus has the right idea, but I dont want to overload you. I think we should consider doing color adjustable mandos, can we do that with detail showing through the color, like material folds etc...?

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hey marz i sended the e-mail with the files of the jetclonetrooper.

the jet need stil some reskinning. but i stil wanted to sent you the skin.

i think you got it in your inbox right now :smash:

and over the credits name its: [JFH]Robert[L]

lol hope you mail me back soon over the other thing i wrote in it.



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