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NeoMarz's Ultimate Clone Pack VM


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A few updates coming soon.


1.) Fixing the Gogs to match the skin.

2.) a few variants on the kilt

3.) The blue paint on the battleworn will be chipped and scraped.


I'll have some screens soon!



P.S. Zappa, can you send me the V3 so I can work on some more things?

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So, has this thread turned into a "Reskin random clones from Marz's pack" topic or will there someday be a final version for this? Because I don't need 40,000 different clone troopers.


Hehe, maybe a bit of both it would seem.


If you don't want 40,000 clone troopers, just don't download them, but at the same time, I wouldn't assume that the people posting their re-skins here are making them just for you. ;)


It's always good to have the community alive and kicking with people who are making an effort, especially this late in the game, so we don't need to discourage anyone's work. Anyone.


But I do see where your coming from, which is why I started my own thread as opposed to continue to post my skins for this pack under here. I felt that this thread was for Marz's work, and it should stay that way.


It's all in good fun...the more skins the merrier I say. (I would just post it under a different topic, but that's just me)


However, I will draw the line if someone makes a "polka-dot pink thong trooper"... :)

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