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NeoMarz's Ultimate Clone Pack VM


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It still doesn't look great in mod view, you should send me your texture though. I signed in for the ARC troopers because I would just have to do a simple recolor, I AM NOT a great texture artist, I only yesterday discovered how I could make scrapes using a tiny bevel, I AM a good organizer, and nifty with everything in JA but coding and texturing. the ARC Troopers are done until I get that texture, I'd like it before I post a finished screenshot.


there are 10 skins

Only the Defaults should get icons

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These skins are looking great, esspecially cody. And the hand plate looks fine imo.


and um marz I noticed no one is working on neyo either, is it possible for me to work on that too?


No problem, but you need to send me examples of your work. Follow the guidelines I posted (on page "2" I think). Anyhow, That one will need an altered helmet. If your serious about doing it. I can make the changes. Marzout..... I need your web alias too.

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"Ruku" is getting helms for most of these varients

Commander Bly

Commander Thire (new red)

Commander Gree (new Green)

*** Do you need parts for any of these varients.????

*** Can you give me a list of all the colored varients your doing? Basically your taking on most of the standard Ep3 clones right?



Well, Bly could use his "visor" thing rest on his head (at about 45° from his eyes), Also, I need the ARC Trooper's Kilt/Skirt thing for Bly and the shoulder pad. I see that people are looking at taking on Bacara and Neyo, if either pulls out I'd be happy to undertake them... and any other clones that are not yet assigned.

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Mars, you never sent me a map for the hand plate, and I think I could make a similar texture (Wich would be GOOD for me) if I had a map, also the TRF for the helmet I can't seem to texture properly, are you sure you did the UVW Map for the TRF right? I think it might still use the original or somthing differant, becuase I textured your texporter map addon for the helmet and got nasty results.


*The head of theTRF not the rod*

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To Mars: I still need those hand plate maps and texture, these ARC Troopers didn't take long, maybe I can do the Republic Commandos too? Send me a base Commando Helmet texture, and the model if you have one for me to work off of.


To Cuillere: Great great great great job!


To Ruku: I anticipate the commander Gree Helmet =D


To all: I'm going to be taking out those little boxes on the waistcoat today, replacing them with fabric. There are many color inconsistancies on the blue one and yellow helmet I need to fix too.

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The brown holsters are a little off and that gun was never used by an Arc. :D

but they are already looking better than the old Arcs. Keep it up !


@ Ruku:

The helmets are looking good but I wondered wether it was intended that they are all lacking the stripes on the sides of the tube thingies. Since they seem to be nearly done.


@ NeoMarz:


I can't say this often enough, but will you please add OJP Weapon Holster Support ?

If we are allowed to use them for MovieBattles 2 it would be a shame if they were lacking the holstered guns.


I keep watching this :D


- Pahri

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Shao and I already planned to put these in MBII as a replacment MOD. Having them in build 18 would really really REALLY require Mars permission I'm sure he would say yes though.


You are right about the Holsters, and partially wrong about the guns.

They are in fact used, they are the EP III Commander pistols, but do look like regular hand guns from Earth. And yes they can be turned off in game.

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These in build 18 sounds really cool. :D



EDIT: I found this awesome site for clone references. Check it out.






EDIT 2: No one is doing the commando? I guess I could do it if no one else will....

Do you mean the Republic Commando? If so... a new helmet, you need :p.


Hmm, going by those reference pics on that site... my list would be (here you go Marz :p):

- Commander Bly

- Commander Thire (/Shocktroopers)

- Commander Gree

- Commander Deviss (still need that Visor Marz, same one for both Bly and Deviss, just different positions)

- 212th Attack Battalion

- 7th Sky Corps

- 41st Elite Legion

- Galactic Marine*


So there you have it :p. It shouldn't be too long now and I'll have half of them finished and the other half almost done.


* This is obviously the snowtrooper model reskinned. I will send this skin to Marz to add to the rest, simply as a bonus for all the Clone fans. Besides, what would an ultimate Clone pack be without the GM? :p

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