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Galactic Conquest Bonuses!


Your favorite/best Galactic Bonus bonus?  

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  1. 1. Your favorite/best Galactic Bonus bonus?

    • Energy Boost
    • Supplies
    • Garrison
    • Autoturrets
    • Bacta Tanks
    • Combat Shielding
    • Sabotage
    • Enhanced Blasters
    • Leader

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Having played a few rounds of Galactic Conquest, I was just wondering what bonuses others tend to use? :)


Energy Boost (200 credits)

Causes your units' energy gauge to replenish faster after being depleted.


Supplies (200 credits)

Increses the amount of ammunition and other supllies your units can carry.


Garrison (200 credits)

Adds extra troops to your reinforcement bank if it drops too low.


Autoturrets (400 credits)

Automatically reinforces your command posts with defense grid turrets.


Bacta Tanks (400 credits)

Causes the health of all your units to automatically regenerate at a constant rate.


Combat Shielding (400 credits)

Gives your units an extra reserve of health upon entering the battlefield.


Sabotage (600 credits)

Causes all enemy vehicles to suffer damage upon spawning in.


Enhanced Blasters (600 credits)

Ampifies the damage of all blaster-type weaons for your team.


Leader (800 credits)

Activates your faction's playable hero for planetary battles.



The three most common ones I use are Leader, Autoturrets, and Sabotage. Sabotage on the vehicle heavy battles, and a toss-up between the other two depending on how the level. Still, I voted for Leader because it's just so fun to dominate the battlefield. :) The ONLY downside is that you're not likely to get any medals that way.


The one I hate to see the enemy use is the Autoturrets. It's why I've started using them myself. :xp: The battles are significantly more difficult because your troops get owned so easily by these turrets, at least in my experience.


The other bonuses are good and all, and better than not having a bonus, but the first three I mentioned are the ones always in my reserve.

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I perfer to save my money to buy units and fleets early in the game. I am going to have to say Energy Boost (at least until I won over 64 Endurance awards). I've used the Sabotage on space maps, but all the units are pilots which mean their fighters are almost completely heal by the time I get to them. Having energy regen lets you boost and do tricks more often. It helps in avoiding enemy missiles and out flying enemy fighters when you are a bomber.

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