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Jabba strikes back


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An Ewok Jedi!!!! you could throw your saber like a spear and when you realize you just lost your only weapon by pelting it at some random dude, you run around in circles screaming, "Ouwoo! Ouwoo! Areeba!!!!!!"

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That idea has been suggested a lot of times in the Battlefront 3 Wishlist thread. I have no say on the matter, as I've never played any of the KotORs.

Andy, Andy, Andy...

Any SW gamer has to try KotOR, I only got them about 6 months ago and I loved them, they really are excellent games and I don't even play RPGs.

I strongly recommend them.

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I HATE that name. *shivers*


Well, one reason I've never played them is that the combat is menu-based, and not real time.


KotOR is menu-based, right?

Not quite menu-based, and it definitely is real time, but you don't control the combat in real time, you tell you're NPCs what to do, tell Carth to shoot that guy, then use rapid fire on that guy, and at the same time, Revan use force lightning on that guy, then saber that guy, and Bastila saber throw that guy then just stay out of the way.

You have to click alot thats for darn sure, you queue up what you want your party to do and they go and do it, again, real time.

I had my reservations about it when I heard what the combat was like, but it honestly takes nothing away from the gameplay. (Sorry, couldn't find any screens of the combat in-game.)

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