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SWBattlefront.net Code of Conduct [UPDATED 8/11/04]

Guest Jed

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It has occured to me, among many others, that these forums warrant a set of rules. The following are heavily based upon forums from other subsections around LucasForums, so a quick glance for the regulars should prove useful for oldbies, and a thorough-read is absolutely a must for newbies.


v.1.1, August 11th, 2004


The Rules of SWBF.net Forums

  • Under no circumstances are you allowed to insult (commonly referred to as "flaming"), curse at, offend, or just go completely off the wall against another user/group of users. If their opinion differs from yours, grow up and deal with it. In addition, you are not to "counter-flame" someone; if they attack you, the moderators will see it. Follow the general rule of "two wrongs don't make a right."
  • Thou shalt not spam! Spamming is defined as the practice of making irrelevant posts with no substance, only smileys, or a combination of the aforementioned. Chatting with another user is also a form of spamming; the Private Message system is there for a reason. Again, this rule will be enforced heavily in all forums, but a little leniency will be given in The Sliced Tauntaun, the off-topic discussion area. SWBF.net Staff reserve the right to delete or close spammy posts and threads at their discretion.
  • Obey the censor and don't excessively swear. Don't try to bypass the censor, in other words.
  • Inappropriate links/pictures are forbidden. Since many do not understand our definition of "inappropriate", any links with warez, illegal MP3s/movies, and any pictures which include pornography/nudity, disturbing/obscenely violent pictures, etc. Also, any discussion relating to any of the aforementioned will not be tolerated, and will be removed by the staff's discretion.
  • Create new threads in the appropriate forums. News and discussion relating to SW: Battlefront should be placed in Star Wars Battlefront, off-topic threads in The Sliced Tauntaun, and so on. If a topic is created in the wrong forum, the moderators will move it. Not a big deal, but just make things easy.
  • As always, try to make good threads. Avoid spammy topics, and word your thread's topic so everyone will understand what it is meant to discuss. No threads will be allowed that discuss the number of posts, post status, rank. etc of yourself or another user. Avoid duplicating threads. If there's a thread open that is or is very close to the topic of a thread you want to create, post in that thread. As well, do not make duplicates of threads that have been closed.
  • Don't steal another user's avatar, sig image, nickname. People get pretty pissed when you steal something they've worked hard to create, and understandably so. This holds true for other users from other communities - be yourself, not somebody else.
  • You are responsible for your own posts. In the rare event that we receive a complaint/legal action from something you've posted, we reserve the right to forfeit any information we know about you, including your identity, IP address, etc.
  • Multiple user accounts are forbidden. You have one user account to use; if you get banned, you're gone for good. You may not register again after receiving a ban.
  • Don't harass the staff. We don't like to be hassled, cajoled, or threatened. In addition...don't ask to be a moderator.
  • Advertising your own site is allowed in your signature, but you cannot create your own thread for it. This has been an unwritten rule for awhile, but due to the influx of new users, it should be acknowledged with the rest of the rules.


The Consequences for Disobeying the Rules

  • Spamming and flaming will result, in most cases, with multiple warnings from within a thread or via PM. From there, punishments will vary from a ban, temp-ban, and/or a nuking of your post count, all the way down to zero, nada, "negatory Big Bird".
  • Multiple accounts will result in a warning and the deletion of the additonal account(s). If you push it and continue, you'll be IP banned.
  • If you re-register after getting banned, you'll be (IP) banned.
  • Stealing another user's avatar/sig image/name will most likely result in removal of what was stolen, and a further punishment may be enforced.
  • Someone linking to inappropriate-ness will be warned and their post will be edited. We do realize accidents happen, but if you continually do it on purpose, you'll get a temp-ban. Pornography will be removed and the user will be banned instantly and without warning.


And the staff's favorite rule, which will be enforced heavily (:D)...


Don't be stupid.



Rules drafted by Jed, and perfected/edited/approved by the SWBattlefront.net faculty. We thank other communities such as GalacticBattlegrounds.com and JediKnight.net for having great rules to base these on.

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