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spawning glitch

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Sage here from the clan =TF=, it really sucks that we have a 15 second spawn time anyways, but throw on top of that if the cp that you were going to spawn at gets taken, you have to wait another 15 seconds to spawn. that really sucks. It would be nice if that did not happen.


also the splash damage needs to be increased on the rockets, I mean if a rocket blows up next to somebody they should take damage, and they dont right now.


just some thoughts



leader of the clan Team=TF=Frag

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I don't remember with any certainty, but I think in BFI you continued the spawning even if the CP was taken during that time.


If I'm a rebel on Mos Eisley, and pick the hanger as my spawn point, if it's taken before I spawn I might end up in the Cantina automatically. I little disconcerting but no time was lost. It seems now if the hanger is taken, I'll stop spawning and the map will reappear asking me to pick a new CP.

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