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Favourite Faction

Commander Obi-Wan

What's your favoutite faction?  

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  1. 1. What's your favoutite faction?

    • Republic
    • Rebels
    • CIS
    • Empire

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My personal favortie is the Clones, by far the coolest looking, also they have the clone commander, with the insane chaingun (my favorite jedi killing weapon.)

Sadly, in the Kamino battle in the campaign, we saw how the Empire was so much more powerful :(

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SBDs are awesome. Switch to tri-shot and fire off 3 shots and they are dead. If not, then you finish them off with machine gun.

The only time I use the SBD's is on Hunt vs the Gungans :smash: . So heck I'll just stick with the engineer, but it's really all about prefference. I perfer a high rate of fire, which SBD's lack.

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