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well i see that this topic has just get the wrong way... to much arg of useless things. but this happen all time, maybe we just need create a new one called: what you want in a sequel of JK series?

i bet now few(i hope) will start useless discution, and the bigger part will focus on ideas/wishes for a new game.


@topci: i agree that the introdution of the vong will breack the history, but you know, i aways wanna kill one of them, even if i know that the 'bigg' battle its lost. imagine how cool would be see the end of coruscant in CG?!?!?

so what you prefer start with:

*play as Kyle;

*play as Jaden;

*play as a new character;

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well i see that this topic has just get the wrong way... to much arg of useless things.




Anyway, like I said before; I think the sequel should follow up on the dark-side ending to JA.


Jaden has turned to the dark side, and taken over the Imperial Remnant. Many of the Jedi Academy's students and trainers have been murdered, and Kyle has left the Academy to stop Jaden.


When you start the game, you choose what Jaden looks like and what lightsaber style he/she has, but you play as good ol' Kyle. The story would somewhat be similar to the original Jedi Knight, where Jerec seeks out the Valley of the Jedi along with his Dark Jedi minions.


Jaden has searched out the burial sites of other Sith Lords, but not to resurrect them. Because there's not enough Force energy left in the scepter to perform more resurrections, Jaden steals their DNA and clones them instead, and like the Clone Troopers, modifies their genetics for loyalty.


This puts the New Republic in a pretty bad situation. Kyle goes on various missions, hunting down the Sith clones and working to stop any further cloning operations. I imagine missions where Kyle learns of cloning facilities on a world, and goes on a mission to find the facility and destroy it. But on the way, he runs into resistance from the locals, in addition to the usual Imperials we've had in all the DF/JK games. Then on other missions, Kyle would be required to face off against each individual Sith clone, and defeat them. With the death of each Sith clone, Kyle gets closer and closer to Jaden. But each Sith clone has built himself his own Imperial army of customized Stormtroopers (think of the Clone Troopers in RotS, all with their own customized armor), as well as fancy bodyguards and enforcers and such (think of Grevious surrounding himself with his own guards he trained himself).


This all while Jaden is secretly seeking out the Valley of the Jedi like all the Dark Jedi before him.


But in the end, Kyle does eventually catch up with Jaden after killing off every Sith clone, and wheter or not Jaden should live or die... I dunno, what do you think? :)


Bah, that's just my little idea... I can dream can't I? ;)


Jaden is a Jedi Master by the end of JA.


In the light side ending, Jaden is a Jedi Knight, not a Master.


Don't you start the flame wars again.


I never flamed anyone.

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