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Rogue Squadron Recruiting!


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Well, I've officially opened the clan forums for members. The forums aren't quite done, I need to add some new buttons and emoticons and there are several things that need to be tweaked, but in a whole we are ready for members! Join us as soon as you can! :D


For those who don't know, Rogue Squadron is a fun clan for Star Wars Battlefront II that focuses on improving your skill through a ranking system. We play all sides, and all classes. Each member is required to play at least one a month. We are have just started and are working on integrating ourselves into the community. For those who don't want to join, swing by our forums anyway, for the latest up-to-date Battlefront news and downloads. Already we have links to two Battlefront II mods posted on our site, with more to come.


Hope to see you there! ;)


Rogue Squadron Forums

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