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Grim Fandango cutscenes


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Sorry to bother you again, but they do not seem to wish to convert. The AVI converter will play the files, but when I press A it closes down and the PNG and WAV converter seems to be converting, but dumps no files when it is done.


Any idea what I am doing wrong?

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In case anyone's still wondering, the frame rate (if I remember correctly) is 15. The sound is indeed longer than the video, so just insert blank frames as necessary to get what plays beyond the end of the video.


There are probably easier ways, but I just get VirtualDub to read the image sequence, adding appropriately-numbered blank PNGs at the end of it.


If you really want the one hundred percent authentic experience you can capture the second or two from the game with FRAPS, but it would just be abrupt when it cuts off.

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First of all let me say hello to everyone. This is my first post on these boards and it somehow doesn't feel right to get right to business. I'm fairly new to LucasArts' SMUSH conversion and I've been playing around a bit, but the results left much to be desired.


So why am I posting in here? Just recently I wanted to convert the cutscene sequences from Outlaws. I can extract the sound just fine, but I'm a bit lost when it comes to video. Is there a way of extracting the frames, much like what what discussed here? I tried using the Grisp tool, but it gives me a "wrong header" message.


I would really appriciate any help. I don't really know how these things work. I figured I had to start learning somewhere and this seems like a perfect place to get the right information.




* * *


Edit: I did some research and it seems that Outlaws animations can be extracted with Scumm Revisited tool. I gave it a try using ScummRev 5 [unsupported] but it's pretty buggy and weird. Any suggestions from you guys? Someone has to have more experience in that matter.

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Thought I'd post my experiences here as a tutorial for who it may interest. I did not encounter any synchronisation problems this way. Users of other editing software might still find useful information here.


SNM to MP4

note: you might have to have the sdl.dll in your windows/system32 folder


put grisc.exe and libpng13.dll in c:\

use scummrev_2012 and rip the snm files to c:\

hit windows-key+R (or find it in Start menu) to bring up the RUN command line, and type:

c:\GriSc.exe filenameprefix.snm a

this will put a huge number of sequentially numbered png grafics files in your c:\ directory, plus one *.wav audio file.

Now, using Sony Vegas Video Software to make a movie out of those, proceed as follows.


In Vegas in a new empty project, specify the project properties:

width 640, height 480, 15 fps (frames per second), no deinterlacing, field order: progressiv, square pixels, audio: 44.1 kHz, 16 bit


Now goto file->import->media, goto c:\ and select the first of the *.png files, don't double click, though, instead watch how the interface changes, giving you the option to import the entire sequence of *.png files – now that's what you do.


A small info window pops up, you click ok. In project media you'll now find a new object, representing the grafics sequence. Drag this onto the timeline. Now find the *.wav file and put it below the video track (either via drag&drop from windows explorer or via Vegas Explorer or Import Dialogs). You can watch the movie now. If you just want to export a selection of it, make a loop selection now.



Goto File-> Render as.. If you only want to export a selection, check "render only loop region". For file type select Main Concept AVC/AAC (*.mp4). Hit the "customize" button and make the following adjustments:

project tab: video render quality: optimal

video tab: width 640 height 480, profile main, frame rate 15, field order progressiv, pixel aspect ratio 1,000 , reference frames 2, variable bitrate max 8.000.000 min 4.000.000, two passes

audio tab: sample rate 44.100, bitrate 256.000 Bit/s


Hit OK, name the output file and render the file.

This will use roughly 30 MB/min and provide high picture quality. If you need smaller files, reduce the avarage bitrate setting in the coder.


Play back with VLC Media Player.

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It is actually even simpler, because you can just drop the SNM file onto the grisc.exe to the same effect as the command line way. Likewise, you can drop SNM files onto GriSp.exe to watch them. That way it is possible to completely forego the whole command line inconvenience.

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Ok, never mind - don't need it anymore.


It turned out that ScummRev 0.5 in fact can read Grim Fandango Demo cutscenes and even output them to AVI. The only problem I had with ScummRev was, that once it output one AVI file, it would not write another one (i.e., it would, but it was entirely filled with black). Anyway, a system reboot helped.


So I am proudly presenting a rare German trailer for Grim Fandango. It was released on a limited Demo/Trailer CD and in some games mags. You can't get it anywhere now. :)


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Can anyone upload those files again?

I really want them and the links are broken, as TheHutt already stated.

Already searched google for hours, but couldn't find it anywhere...



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I know this is an old thread, but I've searched everywhere on google and can't find anything else I can use. I'd like to use the grisc program. Since Behind the Magic is getting more and more difficult to get running as time goes on, I'm rebuilding the engine. I just need to be able to use the video files.



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In case benny doesn't have them handy, or it takes a while to get mojo's stuff all back on the webserver you should be able to find those on archive.org.






Looks like only 1 date saved, Nov the 1st. Just click that and it will dl the zip file. I can't offer any tech support on the program itself as I've never even looked at it before.

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