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The Essential [insert title here]

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(I went ahead and split this into a new thread since it didn't have too much to do with NJO)


I actually just bought that too (along with the paperback version of Labyrinth of Evil). I like all the pictures they have. I'll be sure to read it in the following weeks.


To continue this thread: Does anyone else have the Essential Guides to _________/i]?


I have everyone they've come out with, and I'm glab they're making new versions of them.


I have a question...what does <3 mean?


<3 usually means "heart." When used like "I <3 [heart] "something." Means I like this "something."

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IMO, it is nice because you can get a good overview of everything that has happened in the EU and movies up until the Dark Nest series. It saves having to read everything to get an idea of the overall history.


The downside is that some of the stuff is IMO complete garbage and it is a disappointment seeing it as a part of the overall continuity. But that's just me...

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