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Who is the best Sith Lords?

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Darth Nihilus...is it wasn't for his crappy appearance in the Kotor 2 game.



1. He is strong enough to keep a ship from falling apart

2. Drain Life on planetary scale?

3. He uses a very cool saber stance.

4. The Mask and looks make him cool.

5. He's immortal (sort of). Darth Krayt asked him how he attached his soul to his armor.

6. Come on...you liked the way he talked...admit it! :xp:

7. He destroyed a huge group of Jedi at Katarr?

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Ajunta Pall didn't "form" the Sith. He was just a jedi that had fallen. The sith WERE a species, not anymore (unless there is something we don't know) otherwise the Sith is just a ideal.


No one is the best, no one is perfect, one one great powerful figure rises( then loses his/her power or is destroyed by it ) another one ALWAYS rises. It is just a circle.

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Ajunta Pall brings the gift of the Force to the Sith Species, on top of shagging many many Sith femaleoid. Many of the Force Sensative Siths carry the blood of the origingal Dark Jedis.



The "original" Sith as a species were already a species that practiced the force

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Darth Nihilus not only looked cool, but the stronger his opponent was in the Force, the stronger he would get. He would have eaten Sidious and Bane for breakfast, then have been powerful enough to conquer the galaxy.


Malak and Krayt were strong enough to control legions of Sith, the latter recognizing the flaw in the Rule of Two (the Redemption factor).


Traya, Revan, and Sidious made the mistake of underestimating their apprentices, and that paid greatly for it. They were probably the smartest Sith though. Bane appears to be the shrewdest.

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I would have to say Darth Maul. Not only is he in the 1st movie of the star wars series... he had cool tattoos and a double sided lightsaber.


Maul is like Sion, good at killing Jedi, but seeming to lack any greater ambition beyond that. Cool characters, but ultimately brutes with little interest in things like Galactic conquest (Malak, Exar Kun) or the greater mysteries of the Dark Side (Bane, Sidious).


Does the fact that Malak seized the mantle of Dark Lord by striking at Revan from afar count against him? That may not be very brave, but it was smart.

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That may not be very brave, but it was smart


Sadly, I have to agree with that. Malak was the main character in KotOR I, but I don't think that he was a very good Sith Lord. He really was only a brute, as mentioned before, and not a very good leader. I think that he only did what he feeled like, when he feeled like it. IMO, of course.

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I would say that Malak is a step better than the average brute/Sith-marauder type. He definitely enjoys brute force tactics, and prefer smashing his way thru things most of the time, but he does have the smarts (even if it is limited) to sieze oppertunities when there is one, and his battle tactics is at least reasonable to be able wield the Sith Empire and continue the conquest.


The typical brute type would be like Maul (though he can be reasonably sneaky) and Sion (ultra brute with ability to boot)


Discussion on idology like "rule of two/one" aside I think a good sithlord would be something like Bane, Vader, Exar Kun, or Krayt. Its a reasonable mix between manupilation, tactics, brute force, and deadlyness on his own.

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1.Sidious (master manipulator, greatest of all Sith Lords, rule the Galaxy)

2.Vader (80% of Sidious, very close, only restricted by his mind and his suit)

3.Bane (Djem So master, powerful force user, save the Sith from destruction)

4.Revan (cool robe, a great tactician, a great leader, although he left his campaign)


Those are the greatest Sith Lord ever, judging from what they do to the galaxy, their abilities, their coolness, etc.


Nihilus is an evil dying-beast. Nothing more, nothing less. Powerful, but he's no Sith Lord. He cared nothing for the Sith, or its teaching. How can someone be considered a great Sith Lord if he cares nothing to the Sith?


Sion is a brute. Immortal beast, but not very smart. There are some ways capable of destroying him.


Maul is Sion without scars and immortality. Although he's more badass than Windu, IMO.


Traya is a manipulative witch, but has a strange view about the Force. She said we're puppet of the Force, but IMO she never truly understand the dark side. We use the force like we want if we're dark-siders.

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Exar Kun and Darth Nihilus.


Darth Sion... I would've chose him if he weren't... so mentally retarded... poor guy couldn't even figure out what 2+2 was... ...bleh... :barf:


And I have a feeling he maybe some trustfund baby or something... :D

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