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Cantina 14: The Guardians Of Peace And Justice


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**OOS: deac, Cracken is on the Imperial Center of Bilbringi, in his palace under construction.**


Imperial Center at Bilbringi, Imperial Palace


*Cracken shuffled through the data cards on his desk, organizing them into a coherent order. The mess on his desk was less clutterd than when he first walked in whith his daughter and his apprentice. He had several piles, one which had financial reports and economic matters, military matters, and social matters in one, and several smaller piles which he was going to look at later. His desk comm beeped, and he answered it*


Cracken: What is it?


Secretary: My lord, Stormbaltz is here as requested for questioning and sentencing.


Cracken: Excellent. Send him in.


*Two Stormtroopers and a lawyers entered his office, with Stormbaltz in tow. Cracken motioned for Stormbaltz to sit before him in a chair provided, and motioned for the lawyers and the two stormtroopers to leave. The troopers gave a salute and walked out. The lawyers mearly bowed, knowing his duty was done, and left, leaving the Emperor and Stormbaltz alone.*


Cracken: Now, former Admiral Stormbaltz.... You are incarcerated for treason against the Empire. You plead... not guilty, I assume? Please.... explain to me why I shouldn't either execute you now, or save you to be executed by my apprentice, who would be far more cruel than I....

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((Okay, sorry about the wait guys, I've been writing an essay on Pan Hellenic festivals for the past three days, before that I was writing one on Herodotus.))




Corran: I think we know all we need to know.


Kam: Do you have anything more to say?


Jammes: No.


Luke: Then we are ready to make a decision?


*The other masters nod.*


Luke: You can wait outside, Master Windrider.


*Jammes leaves, when he passes into the anti chamber two Jedi Guardians flank him, as though guarding a rabid dog that might attack them at any momment.*


Yaga Minor


Major: Message recieved, we will await the arrival of the Princess.


*Even as the major is speaking the cloaked transports dock to long unused airlocks and deliver their cargo of clone commandos.*

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OOS: I'll try. If not, prepare for several posts.


Imperial Centre


Stormbaltz:My Lord, it begins ten years ago. After I was promoted to Admiral, Lord Syrnl Darkstar approached me and told me that me and my crew had been selected to participate in the Dragon's Teeth program. We were to enter stasis to be awoken if the empire had dire need of us, a backup if you will. We slept, and were awoken by Lokpihet Darkstar, who told us that he was the last surviving person on our command structure.

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OOS: Seems I can only post a certain number of characters. B*llcks.


Stormbaltz: We had little contact with the clone of your son. I did not know who he was, his existence was not widely know. After Lokpihet's death he proved he had the DNA of the heir to the empire, and told us that you had been killed. We had no knowledge of the events that took place in our slumber. However, I suspected something was amiss due to the clone's involvement with cloning and some bizarre cult, and we faced off and I was forced to back down. During the battle of coruscant, we intercepted information that proved he was a traitor, but he escaped before we could aprehend him. I have only further to say, my lord, that we willingly surrendered after the battle, something real traitors would not have done, and that during your father's reign, I was in the Inner Circle of the Secret Order. I would not betray the Imperial Family.

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Kioet: Now, I am ready for another battle. *over comm* Aren, the data download is complete, I think.


*Kioet sets the hyperspace coordinates for Dantooine*


Kioet over comm: I'll be at a cantina on a mining outpost in Dantooine for a bit.


*Kioet's missile boat jumps into hyperspace*

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Character: Saurat Seerdon

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Age: 26

Skills: Expert Marksman and Scout

Weapons: silenced sniper concussion rifle, scout blaster with stun ability

Bio: Seerdon was the son of the late Moff Kohl Seerdon, whom was shot down by Jedi Luke Skywalker on the planet of Thyferra. His mother was killed by rebel forces when he was only 10, which is one of the reasons that he joined the Imperial Army. He trained to be a scout/sniper, and made sergeant by the time the rebels destroyed the 2nd death star. The squad he was in was killed by ewoks, he managed to flee to Dantooine with one of the landing craft used to deploy speeder bikes down to the planet, once there, he traded his shuttle for a beautiful mansion, not too far from the mining outpost that he frequents.


Location: Mining Outpost's Cantina


*Saurat sits back in his chair, enjoying the entertainment of a Twi'lek dancer, while sipping his corellian ale*

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*Saurat was just beginning to doze off when he caught a giant trandoshan shoving someone through the doorway of the cantina and into the wall next to the dancer*




*Kioet thrusts the barrel of his pistol into the calamari's throat*


Mon Calamari: I-I'm I fix things! Perhaps-we-could work out some arrangements? You are the owner of a missile boat, correct? I can get you a deal on some parts and upgrades, yes?


Kioet: Missle Boat? What the hell?


*Kioet edges closer*


Kioet, in a low growl: Are you a spy?


Mon Calamari: No! of course not. I'm the...property of Seerdon, he's right over there.


Seerdon: Geez, Garstan, you could have comm'd me.


Garstan: I would have, but....


*Kioet crushes the commlink in his hands, and points his rifle at Saurat*


Kioet: Who the hell is this? Your bodyguard or your slave?


Saurat: He's my slave and my bodyguard.


Garstan: I've been in service to the Empire my whole life, I used to do work for his father, Moff Kohl Seerdon. Then he died, and I was the only thing on the will.


Saurat: Yeah. Good times. Long live the Empire!


Kioet: Do I know you?


Saurat: Of course not. hahaha. You were part of the resistance on Jolek.


(( read: the unfinished resistance RPG))

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[Waiting on Cracken for judgement of Stormbaltz]




*Deac recieves a call on his communicator*


Comm: Colonel, you're wanted on Coruscant. Urgently.


Deac: Any more to the message.


Comm: New Republic Army didn't say...


Deac: Right. Tell them I'm on my way. *Heads toward ship and sets a course*

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*Cracken paused, then closed his eyes, and reached out through the Force. Stormbaltz, as misguided as his actions were, was telling the truth. He opened his eyes, and scoffed slightly. Honesty in face of death. A trait he admired.


He stood up, and with out moving his hands, reached out through the Force and began to constrict the Admirals organs, then he spoke*


Cracken: While your actions and statement is truthful, Admiral, I cannot allow such actions to go unpunished. It is your duty as a loyal officer to the Empire to act on such hunches to ensure the Imperial Family and holdings are not threatened by mear.... Demigauges and power hungery beurocrates.


More over, Admiral, your place in the Inner Circle places you in a position where should have this happened under my father, your hearing would never have happened. In short, Stormbaltz....


You should have known better.


*Cracken released the pain striken man, and watched in contempt as he fell from his seat, gasping and writhing in pain. He walked from behind his desk, and stood infront of Stormbaltz.*


Cracken: However, I am not like my father, and realize the quality of your character. After all, good officers are getting rather.... hard to come by these days.


As punishment, you are hereby demoted to the rank of Captain, and are to serve under my daughter. Effective immediatly. She has been sent to Yaga Minor. Take two Star Destroyers and rendevoux with her immediatly.

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Imperial Centre

*Stormbaltz, racked in pain, fell gasping to the ground. The ignominy of it. Doing what he thought was his duty, demoted for following what appeared to be his superior officer. Still, acting on the urge to resign his commission would likely leave him dead. Without speaking, he nodded, saluted, and left the chamber. *


ISD Damocles


*Stormbaltz arrives aboard, and the ISD hyper-jumps out to join up with the fleet*


Before the Battle of Yavin, Coruscant

*Stormbaltz stands in a shady corner, a man in black on the wall behind him*

Stormbaltz: I won't do it. I won't betray the emperor. I guess you're going to kill me.

Man: On the contrary, you have no remote proof, no idea of who we are or what we are planning to do.

*Some time later, Stormbaltz informs his superior and is informed of his appointment to the lowest rank of the Secret Order.*


*Stormbaltz looks at the tatoo on his arm*


Stormbaltz: And for what?

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*After what appears an eternity Jammes is called back into the Council chamber.*


Luke: Master Windrider, we have reached a decision. We do not believe you have fallen to the darkside but your actions were.... willfully misguided.


Kam: We have decided that you cannot be allowed to teach here, if you had a Padawan be assured they would be placed with another Master.


Corran: A task will be found for you, until then you will remain on Coruscant, we place to other restrictions on you.


Luke: You may go now.


*Jammes bows.*


Jammes: As you wish, masters.


*He turns and leaves, closing the door on his exit. One of the Ante Room Jedi enters and bows.*


Jedi: Masters?


Flax: Send in the Vilinovs.


((Cracken, I'm waiting on you to arrive at Yaga Minor.))

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Yaga Minor


*The Vengence and her support fleet of nine Imperial Star Destroyers Mark II's jumped back into real space in high orbit over the planet. As ordered, the starfighters empited from the fighter bays, and launched into a strong defensive position. Alysara was on the bridge, and turned as her communictaions officer came up to her.*


Comm. Officer: M'lady, the base planet side has requested your approval of an equipment transfer, one compliment of TIE Defenders.


Alysara: To the fleet before me?


Comm. Officer: Yes, ma'm.


Alysara: No, I'm taking those TIE Defenders. Contact that fleet's leader, get him on the comm to me, so I can find out who he is and what he's doing outside the ranks of the Imperial Navy.

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The siblings exchanged loooks and Nom stepped slightly forward.


"I suspect something of our previous business is known to the Council," he said cautiously, glancing at Alyssa. "Assassinations mainly... but of no man that didn't deserve death anyway." Tarila winced, but said nothing, allowing her brother to continue. Clearing his throat slightly, he did so.


"But we're growing tired of slipping about in plain sight," he went on. "We grow tired of our old profession. While I doubt we'll find anything quite so highly paying as assassinations, we're looking for other work."


"We're tired of killing people," Tarila said, stepping up next to her brother. "We want legal work."


"Not honest work?" Alyssa asked, amused and on cue.


"Honest work is what we currently do," Nom replied. "Killing people that need killing. It's honest because it does something a year of political debate won't solve. Legal work's different. There may be more obstacles, but you don't run the risk of prison."


"We're tired of sneaking around," Tarila said. "The reason we came to you for this is simple. Anywhere else we suspect would sooner take our heads than listen to us."

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*Flax leaned foward in his seat. He took the time to fix both assassins*


Flax: I shall be honest with you, I do not like assassins and I do not like liars.You were hired to kill me, were you not? Tell me, do I deserve to die?


Yaga Minor.


*Aboard Agric's ship the comm bleeped, the Major turned to his master.*


Major: My Lord, the Commander of the Executor-Class Command Ship wishes to speak with you personnally, she identified herself as the daughter of the Emperor.


*Agric's lip twitched in amusement.*


Agric: Really? Inform her I will recieve her in the communications sweet, and signal Colonel Cody.


Major: Yes, My Lord!


*Agric left the bridge and stepped into the communications field, settling his cloak so as to cover his body he stepped into the holo-field and nodded to the technician.*


*Allysara's image appeared and Agric favoured her with a dazzling smile.*


Agric: Princess! Even as we speak my Commandos have taken control of Yaga Minor station, do not worry, no one will be harmed; unless they resist unduly, of course. I am your Uncle Agric Palpatine. I trust I have your attention.


*Just then Cody arrived in the control centre with 30 Clones.*


Cody: You will surrender unconditionally.


Admiral: This is my command, I will not....*He is drawing his sidearm.*


*Cody's E-11 comes up and he shoots the Admiral in the face.*


Cody: As I said, unconditionally.


Commander: Yes, absolutley!

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Tarila stifled laughter, but Nom threw her the glance that silenced her entirely. Then, he turned his eyes back to Flax. "There is one thing we do that occasionally puts us against our clients, much to their unpleasant surprise. We'll take a job, but we like to research the mark before the actual assassination takes place. On occasion, as we did with Greer, Tarila will 'mess up' and get captured. Through that, we learn who we're really dealing with and if they really deserve death."


A small smile found its way to his face. "You do not." He eyed the rest of the Council. "So we turned on the man that hired us, captured him, and gave him to Greer. For money, but had you been unwilling to give us any, we would have simply returned what we'd been given and moved on."

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