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Cantina 14: The Guardians Of Peace And Justice


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Irvine "I doubt my father is dead. Weither he'll come back in a month, a year, thirty-years no one can say. However. I've had first hand experience witnessing my father's power, and that clone of me. I was in the Imperial Center on Coruscant when those two fought, myself and Starr.


Aside from that confrontation, I have been assulted numerous times by that clone. His powers, when I wasn't on the receiving end of it, did spark my curiosity; that and witnessing your lizard friend. I came to find out a few things about these powers I now too possess.


But I doubt that you just want me around so I can learn my effectively use my powers. So, what's the real question you're asking? I'm willing to bet that you're going to want my help with something because as of right now with Cracken's and Cracern's dissappearences, I'm currently the only one in this galaxy with the abilities that I have, am I right?"

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Aren: One of two, so far... don't forget the 'lizard'. He doesn't quite understand the extent of his abilities... unlike you Force-users, he's had no experience with this kind of power. We're tracking others, but we've been unable to pin them down quite yet. It's a big, big galaxy... though it's smaller than you might think.


*She takes a drink from her glass*


Aren: Seems curious that you haven't answered my question. Or does the Force-empowered son and grandson of two Siths simply not understand the concept of wondering what it means when you have a power understood by none... not even yourself?

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*Agric leans back in his chair.*


Agric: You both make good points. There is no credability in the line of Palpatine. My father lost the Empire through his insanity. My brother was weak, he believed he could walk the line between the light and the dark sides. You are not force-users. You do not understand the seductive nature of the dark side, even the strongest are ultimately into insane mockeries of their former selves.


I am not a Sith, nor am I a dark Jedi, nor do I restrict the use of my power to helping the needy, as those slaves on Coruscant do.


The New Republic is unwieldy and inefficiant. It is also a usurper. The Empire is the rightful ruler of the galaxey. I have come to restor the Empire to its former glory and shatter this tottering Republic. If you will not accept me as Emperor then I will take me fleet and leave. When I return I will have conquered the Republic and things will not go as well for you as they could now.


As to Cracken's children, I fear they suffer all the weaknesses of their father and grandfather combined.

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Councilman 1 "Of course not my Lord. I'm sure I speak for the other council members that we have an absolute certainty that you can rule the Empire just as capable as both your father and brother. How ever I mainly stroke up my question upon that basis of which if infact Cracken or any of his offspring should show during your administation, that a possible contest for such should occur.


It is never in the best of interests of the Empire for such to occur. It is an economic waste and even more so if and when manpower is envolved."






Irvine "Perhaps in light of my new powers. I've suddenly same across someone who's taken a direct interest in me. And hasn't taken that such interest in either Cracern or my father. Perhaps it was due to both's direct involvement in the Empire's affars that made it disconcerning. Where-abouts I am not offically tied with any Imperial affars, especally after the Koo with an astranged uncle whom now is running the show there...


You could say I'm being careful. So to answer your question, I ask one myself. From my take of things that you're running an interesting play yourself, one that goes deeper then what you're showing here. If you want to help me with what I have, then show me how deep your world goes."


*Irvine stands up and glares down at Aren...*


Irvine "Oh, and don't hold back either..."

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*Kioet steps into the shuttle, and notices something out of place, Zey standing in front of Saurat*


Kioet: Why you little...



Zey: ...


Saurat: I know you secured a device from my "father"'s corpse. Why didn't you report to me?


Kioet: I found nothing.


Saurat: Indeed. *Saurat pulls out a small vibroblade and holds it to Zey's throat, Garstan's eyes widen*


Kioet: Go ahead, you think I care? She probably led you directly to me. Didn't you, Zey? I guess your boss wasn't dead after all.


*Saurat puts his vibroblade away*


Zey: ...


Kioet: Well, speak! What did you do to her, Saurat?


Saurat: *cackling*


Kioet: Alright, what was in that box that I recovered?


Saurat: In that box was a prototype shield, that once it's installed, puts a type of shield around an object, say, someone is shooting you, instead of focusing on defensive maneuvers, you can just stand there, the blaster fire, projectiles, shrapnel, etc gets "transported", where it gets transported to, only those foolish enough to attack in melee find that out, as they get sucked into it, as the one wearing the shield does not get touched.


Kioet: That sounds quite impressive. I will go and retrieve this for you...


Saurat: Good. See to it quickly then. I will be waiting.


*Kioet turns, pushes Garstan out of the way and leaves the ship, heading back to the cantina*


Saurat: Zey, follow him and make sure he doesn't do anything foolish.


Zey: Yes, master.


*Zey activates a stealth cloaking device and exits the ship, trailing behind Kioet*

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*Agric cocks and eyebrow.*


Agric: I'm sorry. Did you hear a word I said? Do you even understand Basic?


Which brings me to another point. I don't execute people for mistakes or dissagreeing with me. It results in Councils and Admiralties filled with idiotic yes men.

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Councilman 1 "Then that being said, I'm sure that there can be someone here who can disagree with my previous statement, Mi'lord." *leans back in his chair* "I suppose you can blame the previous administrations for that, and mine as well." *thinking* 'I suppose that rules that out. He don't like to have idiots.. Let's see if he...'


"...That aside, you of course spoke of the galaxy should always be under Imperial rule, Lord Agric, I agree. I suppose that means that you want to assemble either a massive fleet? Or...?"

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[uh, Red, kinda need some more info on what you have planned here]


Flashback, Avatar Facility, Lokpihet System


*Deac is suspended in a chamber surrounded by blue light. He is unconscious. Scientists scurry around as a figure enters the room*


Man: Are we prepared?


CyberEyes: Yes. Syrnl believes he's undergoing a few diagnostic tests


Man: Fool. A damnable upstart, but a powerful one. The Order will be glad to be rid of him once this is over.


CyberEyes: But, my Lord, the last person we tried this upon...


Man: Our scientists have a new theory. It will require combination of the energy to produce a viable candidate. We found the perfect sample.


*A third chamber slides into position, containing a young man*


Man: We had a clone of Syrnl's son prepared to infiltrate his family should we need to dispose of him. We can use that to our advantage. Is the process ready?


Tech: Yes.


Man: Begin the fusion.


*A blast of energy fills each cylinder in turn, golden from Deac, black from Syrnl, and fusing into red in the third cylinder. A being of red fire appears, roaring*


Man: It appears we were successful...



Some time later


*Two stormtroopers watch Deac and the red being in their chambers. Syrnl has left his*


Trooper: And I heard them say Princess Leia's disappeared...


Trooper 2: She's a do-gooder. Probably gone to give medical supplies to some backwater rim world or something..


*Suddenly the red figure roars and shatters both of the cylinders. The stormtroopers have enough time to swear before they die as alarms start to blare. The figure stomps out of the room, creating a large hole in the wall. Deac meanwhile wakes up, and looks around confusedly, and runs toward that hole. He finds himself running faster than before, then manages to swing a beam out of the way without touching it*


Deac: What...?


I have no time to explain. Trust me. If you want to stay alive you will listen to what I have to say. Pick up that pipe and go now!

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((Ookay... I'll post something... mainly because I can and I hope it will do a little to pressure Admiral into posting :p ))





Several minutes later, Alyssa emerged from another building to find Reibe still seated against a wall, toying with the damaged datapad. She approached her former master, a little puzzled by her apparent lack of interest in what happened in the village.


"I sorta pictured you playing with that once we'd figured out where the Heloki are headed next," Alyssa said. Reibe looked up and smiled.


"Leave nothing untouched," she said, returning to her work. "Even this datapad may have a clue of..." The screen flickered and a buzzing noise was emitted. Frowning, Reibe tapped it against the wall behind her. The buzzing stopped and a vague image appeared on the screen.


"What is it?" Alyssa wondered slowly. Reibe shook her head.


"It looks like a video file, but it seems to be too corrupted to actually play," she answered thoughtfully. Alyssa took the damaged pad from Reibe and touched her fingers to the screen. A series of damaged images flashed across the screen and lodged themselves in Alyssa's memory, where she worked to restore them as best she could.


"Tatooine," she said slowly. "It's a video of something to do with Tatooine."


"That's a little cryptic," Reibe mused. Alyssa sighed.


"But it could just be somebody's mother telling them about life on Tatooine," she objected.


"Or a tour of Tatooine," Reibe agreed. "However, it could have prompted the Heloki to go there." She turned to Idona. "What do you think? Having seen whatever this was to do with Tatooine, would the Heloki go there? Or would they go somewhere else... with more to... 'offer' them?"

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((Blagh, why couldn't you have had no excuses for not posting when I actually had time to post? ;P Even right now I'm supposed to be working on a bloody project. :(


Deac, check PMs.))




Aren: How do you know we haven't taken a direct interest in Cracern or your father?


*She smiles.*


Aren: I'm sure you want to give me the impression that you're holding all the cards. But all you've done is tell me just how little you understand of the powers you have, and just how much you want to know more. As they say where I come from, knowledge is power...


*She takes a drink*


Aren: If you're so concerned about being careful, then walk away right now. You may never have a chance to learn anything more about your 'new' powers, but at least you'll be the free man you want to pretend to be. Or...


Farran: You know what? I'm going to take that offer.


*Farran stands up. Aren almost imperceptibly cracks a smile*


Farran: I don't think you're going to tell anyone anything. I think you're too concerned with hiding your ****ing cards, covering your own ass. I don't know what your game is but frankly I no longer care. Artemis?


*Artemis reluctantly stands and joins Farran*


Farren: Goodbye, you... whoever the hell you are.


*He turns. Then a blistering sound whistles in the air, and he stiffens.*


Aren: Now that you mention it... the name's Robyn.


*She raises her hand, revealing a small blaster. Farran crumples. Artemis rushes to his side*


Farran: *gasping* Robyn... what?


Aren: Go ahead, Irvine. Make your move, if you're going to. You must be sympathizing with him right now... even if he is a rival of yours... or was that your clone? Funny how the two of you seem to keep overlapping...


((For the rest, waiting on Admiral. WJ might be out, by the way... >.< ))

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((I shall fully update tomorrow but in recognition I shall post a bit, even though I have an exam.))




*Flax swivels in the pilot's seat. in order to face Kaya.*


Flax: we are heading into the Deep Core, to a classified shipyard, the ship we will be using is officially de-commissioned and sold off to a private security company. Unofficially she's been upgraded and re-conditioned. She has a crack crew and a full fighter-wing. You've probably heard of her.


The Defiance.


((See, X-Wing linkage. Thus justifying it being in this forum.))

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Kaya: *nodding* You certainly don't believe in doing things halfway, do you?






Councilman 2: We apologize for our colleague, my lord... but it seems as if you are trying to insult our intelligence as well. You are presenting us with the illusion of choice - accept you now, or accept you later. But here is the choice as some of us may also see it. Accept you, or wait for Cracken to be confirmed dead or show himself. Your father was a good leader, and he inspired great loyalty... but he also has a reputation for being unforgiving to those disloyal to him. We have all heard the rumor that you killed him - but we do not even know that he is dead...


*The man leaves the sentence hanging*

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Flax: Not since my headhunter shot out of that hanger on Agamar 25 fives years ago with my father, mother, brother and sister left behind to get blown to bits by a TIE-GT.




Agric: You are very brave councilman, you may think you are risking your life by confronting me. I wish to see the galaxey re-united under one banner, the Imperial banner. I cannot do that legitimately without your backing but if I do not have your backing I will attempt it anyway.


You can accept me now, or you can wait to see if I am successful, which I believe I will be. The choice is a real one, unless you are already certain I will win. In which case you are correct, you have only one choice.


This council will have to make a judgement, I suspect that is not something it is accustomed to do.

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Irvine "Should I, really? I mean you've giving me the opertunity to end it right now. But why should I really care? Farran was just like Cracern when it came to the separatists, someone whom could easily influence, Cracern had his connections with the loyalists and his appearence which presumably tied him with my father,..."


*Takes a sip of his drink ignoring Farren*


"... And Farren he offered his technology, which after considering the nature of it. I'm not enitirely sure even comes from this dimension. I come to this conclusion with the constant appearence of,..." *pauses* "What was his name,... Rollos was it? That gargoyle that Deac Starkiller seems to hang around alot. This with your intentions and interests with Farran and our friend Artemis here, you must be apart of that too, or am I mistaken?"


*Irvine raises his hand and smacks it on the table. It crumbles as he hits it.


The music and the normal ruckus of the cantina dies instantly as the lights dim and the air grows stale and cold.


Soon it was only Irvine, Aren, Farren and Artemis only in the dark room.*


Irvine "Ok, I made my move."

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