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Cantina 14: The Guardians Of Peace And Justice


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Flax: I suggest you treat your current situation with due gravity. You will not be allowed to leave this Temple without our permission and we have the power to detain you awaiting trial. Currently you are free beings, you may not remain so.


Corran: I sense no deception in you. What can you do, aside from assassination.

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"Cargo hauling is easy and we have a lot of room on our ship for it," Nom answered. "I'd also think sentient being transport, but I don't want any lead-ins to assassin jobs... sentients have a way of providing that. I'd rather stick to cargo." He shrugged. "Other than that, I'm not sure. We've spent so long doing this we haven't had time to see what else there might be."

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*Alysara's eyes narrowed. She had no uncles. Father was a single child... well, as far as she knew and Mother had no siblings whatsoever. Despite this, this... "uncle" would now have the ire of her father.... and he would be most unhappy at his bretheren about this.*


Alysara: Well, "Uncle", you certainly have a flair for the dramatic, and quite the fleet you have there. A shame, really, that my father will have to pick it apart one ship at a time. If you are truely my uncle, then you know that father was was favored and has rightful rule. Submit before me, hier to the Empire, or face the consequences....


*She shut off the comm, and turned to her communications officer, shuddering with anger.*


Alysara: Re-enforcements. NOW. And let my father know immediatly to what is happening out here.


Comm. Officer: Aye, m'am. Nearest fleet group is 5 hours away, next farthest out is 5 and one half hours. Total of 15 Star Destroyers, 20 VSD, 30 Cruisers.


Alysara: High Alert, raise shields, have star fighter command be ready for incoming. Oh, *she waved towards the planet* If things get hot, slag that station. It is in the hands of our "enemy".


*She sat on her command chair, and gave herself to the Force. Every pilot, ship, and gun was soon under her influence that was within her fleet. If she could not win this battle with numbers, then the Force would guide her forces to victory...*

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((Clones? Commander Cody? wtf?


BD, I like this plot - actually I am extremely fascinated with it - but that detail is really bad. What happened to originality? At least change the bloody name :p


Will post later when getting home at 2 AM and needing to wake up at 9 AM (this being 3 AM) is not befuddling my mind.))

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((Clones? Well we now know that many Stormies were clones and the 501st Legion were completely Jango Clones. If I was the Emperor and I was sending my second son off into the Unkown Regions I'd send Jango Clones. Cody? Well maybe there's method to my madness.))


Yaga Minor


*Agric's voice sounds in Alysara's mind.*


Agric: You should not be so rude, and you should not let anger govern you. You must rule the dark side, it must not rule you. Had I simply returned to my brother I would have been summerarly exicuted. However I have something of great value, which will benefit the Empire in ways you cannot now imagine.

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Yaga Minor


*She smirked. So he knew the ways of the Force also. Interesting. Perhaps a more diplomatic route should be pursued. Though father would see taking this station away from him as an act of war, she no doubt could try to bring him before her father.*


Alysara: *Via the Force* If you had something so important to the Empire, then you should have brought it to Bilbringi, along with yourself, as so my father could assertain it's importance, as well as your well being. Now that you've started a war, I cannot guarentee you will survive to see the end of it, however.... Submit before me as your superior, and leave your fleet behind and board the Vengence, I can at least grant you parle before my father, and possibly diffuse this situation.

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Agric: I am not a fool, only one man has been killed, he is your only casualty and he was a fool. Had I presented myself to your father I believe he would have had me killed. Now he must come here, once he discovers what I have in my possession I am sure he will be most forgiving.

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((BD, the Vilnovs answered Flax and Corran. :) I suppose this little friendly alert can go for anyone who's on the Council... except me... Alyssa's spent time with the Vilnovs between the last thread and now, so she's staying silent... all the questions she may have had for them have been answered already :) ))

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*As Irvine awaits his turn to speak with the council, he opens himself to the force, stretching out search for his father.

He sends a message, but sent as feelings rather then with words:


I'm about to ask the council about becoming a Jedi, are you sure I won't affend you this with decision?


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((Muffins red. The answer is "Muffins".))


Coruscant: Jedi Temple


*Irvine waits still staring at the double doors into the council chambers. From behind, a small child wearing a cloak with the hood donned walks up to Irvine and tugs on Irvine's pant-leg.


Irvine takes quick notice and turns around and kneels down to the child.*


Irvine *smiling* "What's matter?"


Child "I can't sleep Mr. Jedi-man."


*Irvine nods his head.* "Okay, I'm just waiting til the master's are finished. I can take ya."


*Irvine stands and holds out his hand, the child reaches up and takes hold. They start down the hall and away from the Council Chambers...


After they went down a few levels, Irvine took notice that other then a few 'oil-burners' the passageways were empty.*


Irvine "So, wheres you're room at, um.. I didn't get your name..."


*The child stops and lowers his head.*


Irvine "Whats w.."


*Suddenly the grip from the child increases like Irvine's hand was placed within a set of vice-grips. The child twists his hand forcing Irvine to kneel down, then effortlessly the child uses the same strength to throw Irvine up agenst a passageway wall...


Irvine smacks the wall and an imprint of his body is left on the durasteel wall, or at least Irvine thougth it was.


... The wall crumbled under his own weight.


Irvine quickly took notice that the lights that brightly lit the passageways were completely absent, even so that it appeared that the lights didn't even function. Parts of the walls were crumbled like the wall he was 'thrown' into, he saw a dark dismayful view of coruscant. Dark. Silent. ...And absent of life and of the Force.


The child was missing, instead he was replaced by a man Irvine's age. A man with tathered clothing and frayed gray hair. The man turns around and stares at Irvine...*


F. Irvine "Welcome to the Shadow Realm brother..."

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*in dantooine cantina*


Kioet: Well, well, well.....you must have been in the AT-PT patrol my squad took out.


Saurat: Correct. Now, where were we? Ah yes, I have a request of you.


Kioet: What's in it for me?


Saurat: Imperial Hardware. I needn't say more.


Kioet: Sounds like a deal. My orders?


Saurat: You are to go to Thyferra and locate the ruins of where my father's ship crashed after his faceoff with Skywalker. Once there, you are to report back via comm.


Kioet: Sounds easy.


Saurat: I hope so, for your sake. Before you leave, I'll have Garstan upgrade and outfit your ship.


*Saurat motions for Garstan*


Saurat: Garstan, do the necessary modifications to his ship, make it fast, I'm afraid we haven't much time.


*Garstan follows Kioet out the door of the Cantina, leaving Saurat by himself*

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((I'm sure red would have problems with that 15, didnt aren give kioet that ship???


just a note: if the council was paying any attention, they could have (and prolly couldnt have ignored either) sensed F. Irvine right before he pulled Irvine into the other realm... (and besides the fact that now that Irivne cant be sensed))


Shadow Realm, Coruscant


*Irvine scrambles backward.*


Irvine "No! You were killed! Father destoyed you, I saw it!"


*Irvine's dark clone let's out a gut-busting laugh*


F. Irvine "You fool you think that if I killed Cracken, that he'd have a contingency plan too?"


Irvine "The child... But wait. How are you...?"


F. Irvine "I'll keep it simple, stupid. What your physical self is, isn't in this realm. What you appear to be in this realm is what your soul, your spirit, your essence, reveals itself your true self." *laughs again* "I'm mean, look at yourself! You honestly think you can convince everyone that your hair color is actually red??"


*Irvine stands up and let's his hair fall infront of his face. Jet black.*


F. irvine *laughing* "I think you do it so often that you confuse yourself as just as much as everyone!"


*Irvine grits his teeth, beginning to feel insulted.*


F. Irvine *Stops laughing taking a breath* "You,... you know, with that black hair, you are a splitting image of Cracken!"


*Irvine jerks his head up, with surprise on his face. And F. Irvine walks up to Irvine.*


F. Irvine "The sad thing is, is that it's not your fault. Brother."


Irvine "You call me brother, yet you stopped calling Cracken your father."


F. Irvine "Ha! I have reasons. But the fact is that I'm here to help you..."

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Nom and Tarila exchanged another glance and left the room. Riebe stayed.


"With all due respect, I would like to stay," she said. "Most if not all of you know I am older than I look. Perhaps my experience could be useful."


Alyssa glanced at the others on the Council, wondering their thoughts on Riebe's suggestion. Her feelings on the matter prompted her to immediately agree that her former master should be allowed to stay. Would the other Council members feel the same way? Though she usually followed the commands of the Council, Riebe Sothe was a Sith Hunter first, a Jedi second.


((Sith Hunters are one of my little additions to the SW universe. They were kidnapped by the Sith as children and basically turned into fighting machines. Then, the Jedi captured Riebe and showed her the truth. After that, the children started calling themselves Sith Hunters. All but three of them have been killed since then. They are all more than 2000 years old. Riebe is somewhere around 2200, I think, though most people wouldn't know that, not even on the Council. They'd just know she's older than she appears (19 or 20). ))

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((I wouldn't know :) ... the Sith Hunters' molecular structure was altered by the Sith. That's why they've lived so long and look so young.))


Riebe raised an eyebrow. "Old enough to know something's wrong with the galaxy, but young enough to do something about it," she quipped. Then, she shook her head. "Sorry. An old friend of mine used to say that."


Again, she shook her head. "But I've had plenty of experience with disturbances of many kinds, Force and otherwise."

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