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Rescue from Mustafar Skins for JA


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As most of you know, I've been writing a story in the Kotor forums called Rescue from Mustafar, set 65 ABY during a conflict between the Republic and the HK Imperium. Well, the point is, I'd like someone to make some custom skins for it:


Ben Skywalker(Age 38)

Original Model: Obi-Wan Episode III

Skin changes: Red hair, blue eyes


Alkonium Kaltas

Original Model: Anakin Skywalker Episode III

Skin changes: Black hair, beard, typical Jedi robe colours


Bob Secura

Original Model: Male Twi'lek

Skin changes: Caucasian skin tone, black hair on top of head



Original Model: HK-47

Skin changes: Red skin, yellowish green eyes


Isomah Enu

Original Model: Blone Human Male Jaden

Skin changes: Darker clothes, light brown hair,


Hethra Iazoki

Original Model: Quinlan Vos

Skin changes: No yellow stripe on face, lighter hair, Caucasian skin tone

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have look



and here is normal hk (along with others)


I Love You!!!!

I have been searching for that link for a long time :)


cant make bots sorry. neways here goes your file:


I can, I dont have the reskin, tell me, is it a replacement reskin, or a new one? (AKA did you rename the folder the model was in, and fix the .skin files, or not)

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Oh yes, and for Alkonium Kaltas, I suggest you reskin a model of Anakin from episode III and make it either a custom species or have the following for team colours: Red: Lightsaber damaged Jedi tunic, no right hand. Default: standard Jedi tunic, Anakin-style glove on right hand. Blue: Blue Jedi tunic, Anakin-style glove on right hand. or you could do it as a custom race with those, and one with the standard Jedi tunic and two organic hands. And for the face, change the hair to black and give him a beard like Obi-Wan's in Episode II. Another one I'd like would be Blai Secura Kaltas, Jedi Knight, cousin of the current Republic chief of state, and wife of Alkonium Kaltas. Basically put a female Twi'lek head on a Jedi tunic, and give any exposed skin the same tone as Aayla Secura.

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hmm, you just put up all of those models I made....that people ILLEGALLY put up online......BTW, if you want to make a TC with those models--you can't really, LA won't allow them to be put up for everyone to download, BUT--they probably wouldn't know anyway--they never know anything...

What models are you referring to? Because so far the only Rescue From Mustar Player Model created is a reskin of a ported model.

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Uhh--Yeah, 'ported' models, do you understand that word? It means that the models were converted directly from KOTOR and were weighted to the JKA skeleton. Lucasarts has already said that the release of those models is not allowed. I know, because I had ported most of them, and then I finally got a reply back from LA saying they couldn't be put up on sites like pcgamemods.com, so I had emailed it to a few people and then one of those idiots put them up on pcgamemods were everyone else downloaded them until they were removed.


So...if you wanted to release the mod on sites like pcgamemods or jk3files then you would have to remake the models, although if you wanted to host the files yourself on a site then you probably wouldn't have any problems since I seriously doubt that LA really checks anything anyway.

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Well, for the 38 year old Ben Skywalker, I suggest Hapslash's Obi-Wan: http://pcgamemods.com/mod/15794.html (red hair, blue eyes, some noticeable change to the robe), for Alkonium Kaltas, I suggest NeoMarz's Anakin: http://pcgamemods.com/mod/15680.html (black hair, brown eyes, blue tunic, full beard, more lightsided sounds), for Hethra Iazoki, use the stock Luke Skywalker model(red hair, one blue eye, one green eye, standard jedi tunic, better sounds), for Blai Secura Kaltas, use the stock Alora model(cerulean skin tone, midriff showing, recolour the clothing to match a Jedi Tunic, lightsided sounds), for the Third Republic Soldier, use the Stormtrooper Han and Luke:http://pcgamemods.com/mod/17657.html (red 501st markings, legacy era logo as emblem, edit the face to look less like Han and Luke), for Darth Frigidus, use Don Tom's Anakin: http://pcgamemods.com/mod/17277.html(remove the scar, all black tunic, pale skin, four red lines across face[as if he ran his bloody fingers across his face].) Oh yes, and if possible, give the male characters the Wilhelm scream as the sound when they die and fall to their death.

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