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Rescue from Mustafar Skins for JA

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ok sorry iv not been working on them skins...but now ill work on them most of my free time :)


first chages 2 OBI-WAN(only face for now) :











and i hawe a question : what you want me 2 do with the robe ?

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about sounds...they are alredy changer 2 "I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT" cuz its Voodoo remade Obi :) There are some new Icons + Sounds...soo i think will be good !


Ok what skin shud i make next ?! (btw gonna upload Obi nad alora 2 rapidksaher , give you the link so you can add some sounds on ur own , cuz i didint made any chages for aloras sounds...and then you can ADD them skins 2 jk3files and pcgm if you want)

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here is the OBI link...i hope it will work cuz i hawent tested it IN-GAME yet :p if it wont work tell me ill test it myself xD




the lin for Alora Skin (No sounds) and btw can i hawe a link 2 normal HK - 47 plz ? the one Kain gave has no HK in the pack..i got Sith,Bastila,Mission,Calo nord,Nihilus,Sion .... but no HK...

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I suppose you could do that first NeoMarz Anakin reskin next.

BTW: you set up the Obi-Wan reskin so it overrides the default Obi-Wan. Think you could fix this? And could you name them by the name of the character in my story, not who the model is a reskin of? Meaning the Obi-Wan skin would be Ben Skywalker.

EDIT: Ben Skywalker(Obi-Wan) works fine aside from overwriting Hapslash's regular Obi-Wan model, but Blai Secura Kaltas(Alora) is invisible.

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no sweat :) this wuz just testing...i will name them as they shud be and fix em...

soo know here can i DL HK-47 ?


No ones has made a HK-47, there is a ported one, but it would be illegal to upload, or for that matter talk about that much.

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