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501st campaign


which do you like better in the 501st?  

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  1. 1. which do you like better in the 501st?

    • clones
    • imperials

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The Imperial bomber (and one of the transports) have guided rockets. They are extremely hard to use, but I like using them anyway. Guided rockets are rockets where you control its movement and speed. They do not lock-on, instead you drive them.


A 2 or 3 units also have guided rockets.

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Thanx... (now I think I am gonna call "grockets" 'cause of your edit.)

I almost left grockets in... The guided grockets do cause much more damage when they reach their full speed, but controling them at this speed is almost impossible. See how long you can drive a boosting missile around the hero map. I'm not talking about up in the air, I mean close to the ground where the units are.


It would have been nice if you could play all the campain levels backwards. Instead of going after the objectives, you would have to defend them from the clones.

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Saying that, I think the Republic must have had a HUGE budget cut when the empire was formed. The clones have way more personality and better equipent.


I don't like the AT-ST "Grockets" I think it's out of character for a main battle unit to have a tactical weapon. You need artillery units to have stuff like that, where at least you don't have to worry about getting the crap kicked out of you as you're flying. Heck, if the Hailfire could shoot "grockets" I wouldn't mind. Okay, that's just my rant on "unit classes" starting again...

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