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Old School mod version 2

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Hey gang, I just wanted to let you guys in on a early beta of the mod:




I know this probably won't include the greatest readme in the world, but i'll try to write up a good readme in the mean while. It includes RazorAce's latest ojp basic .0.9


Here are some new things to try with cheats:


*old jedi knight cheatcodes in like yodajammies, raccoonking, etc

*/give weapon_carbonite, /give weapon_clonerifle

*/npc spawn

-ice_trooper (or icetrooper)






Newer features:

-Speed dash - double tap speed button to dash like in the movies and some games

-direction based knockdown - can land on your face like in sp

-saber has increased damage, but the saber block rate is increased so that while damage is still high against gunners, the saber duels can still last about as long

-"vampire" drain - if your in contact with someone and activate drain you grab them like in sp


*ctf_bespinfort now ported to ja


All the old features should still reamain (see sig for link to first version). I know guys this doesn't seem like a huge change from last time, but most of the stuff is background stuff to speed up server/fix bugs. If you can beta test this for me and report bugs i'd greatly appreciate it. The intro screen is a practical joke so don't freak out. Let's see hmmm... try coop some, you should be able to team heal allied bots and friendly npcs with force heal at full health and team force them with force drain at full health. That's about it, just extract the contents of the file to GameData in your ja folder

and use:





to execute. If you want get rid of the jampconfig file in the ojpwahoo folder otherwise you'll have my fav keyboard config. Take care guys and thanks for willing to beta test :)

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And now for some constructive critism.


I don't really like the actual destruction fireball effect, it's too plain looking. While the sparking around it looks good, it needs a better texture on the actual ball.


Secondly, I don't get the speed boost addition. It seems to just catapult the player in an uncontrolled way. How are we supposed to make use of it?


Have a great X-Mas break!

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Oh, the double tap speed dash is useful for split second escape situations and to look more movie/other sw game like. Yeah the force destruction is horrible right now, was trying to make a better efx.

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Actually I think that's what my code does. What I did was I held down the speed button and then it activated then deactivated normal force speed. Whereas if I double tapped the speed button it would do the speed burst.

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