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The rhyming game


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Both inspired by the beggining of "The story game...?" and a part from The Curse of Monkey Island.

Rules: Person X writes a word, and the next person writes a word that rhymes with the word person X wrote, then the person after person X writes another word which person X2 can rhyme to, and so on.

Also, no oranges or disgustingly complicated word.


I'll start with something easy: Eat.

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erm... low-cut...?


Word: Lip*smackin*thirst*quenchin*acetastin*motivain*good*buzzin*cool*talkin*high*walkin*fast*livin*ever*givin*cool*fizzin


[edit] why does VB put aterisks in my word?! AAARRRGGNNNNAAAPPPPHHIIINNNSSSTTT!!!!

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