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should i be laughing?? (also wierd glitch)


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ok i was playing 1 flag ctf on kamino. and for some reason about 10 min into the game me and my teammates cease to spawn. the time counts down but we dont spawn... and when this happened the score was thus... us: 2/10

them: 0/10. we were un able to spawn for about 10-15 min. then when it released us the score was this. us: 2/10 them: 7/10... and theres only 15 min left in the game. and most of my team had left. only 2 players were left on my team. and we won 10 to 8...... now i laughed for a while.. i know im good at ctf 1 flag but...... anyways has anyone else expierinced this glitch??

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