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[RoAR] clan mod


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This is NeWaGe co-founder of the RoAR clan. I am trying to go into the coding community and start up a new MP mod project. I have a server that is not up 24/7, because I only keep it up for testing purposes. The community only consists of one person, me. I would like alot more people to help me out and I figure this is a great place to ask for some assistance.


I would like some ideas and some assistance of maps, skins, or just some C++ help. I'm currently in college but not into my masters class for C++ developing. I only do what I know, and I promise that anyone who helps will have exactly what I do. You will have 100% access to the source code, and full control over the current server and any other servers that we may make in the future. Which includes RCON, and any of the admin codes that I have currently in.


You can check out what I have done so far at http://roarjk3mod.sourceforge.net


If you just have ideas, you can post them on our forums and we will take them into consideration and post a response as soon as possible. Currently I'm on vacation for christmas but am writing this in hopes that someone will consider joining so that when I come back I get some assistance. Keep in mind I will give you credit for what you have done for the mod.


Also another thing I must say is that this is not a ''clan mod'' specifically for the RoAR clan only. What I am about to change on the source code is to call it Clan Mod and allow the server hoster to configure what its called. They can put it as (CLAN NAME) Clan Mod. It's so far just an idea, but if someone has something against this, post your ideas.



P.S. If you have any questions that you would like to ask me up front, don't be afraid to chat with me on AIM or MSN straight up. I will be more then happy to answer questions there, or here.

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