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New Expansion!! Only for X-Box

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They may have aborted this idea, but if you go onto the Multiplayer part of sw:bf2 and go to the leaderboard, click up top where it gives you the gametyper for each leaderboard, it doesn't show this, but SCROLL down and it will show you an "Elimination" gametype....


As for asajj and kit, doesn't it seem like they will have a crazy advantage over every other jedi in the game.... i mean, Kit obviously wasn't that good if he got shot by a bounty hunter... mirite?

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not that i give a danm, but isnt that the cursed, evil and unforgivable sin of double posting?




anyways, he's got a point. Ps2 does seem to lack a harddrive, and an 8mb memory card isnt got to hold many (if any) levels. So i guess the ps2 aint going to have much of an add on anytime soon.

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