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Clone Trooper Battalion


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We're all gonna get the Katarn armor (only neutral and rebel katarn armor allowed, I suggest) and if all this is gonna be succesful, our leader could wear the mando armor.


I was also thinking of a good name. "Remnants of the 501st - Republic Armé" (I know that the 501st is vader's fist in the empire, but we are some troops that were lost in a battle somewhere, lets say Kashyyk :) )

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1. How do you get the clone armor?


2. Can you customize the armor with different colors?


3. How is the armor? Is it just for show or is it quality protection?


4. The Katarn armor was what the republic commandos wear. Are we getting that?


5. How do you get the clonetrooper rifle?



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1. A guy named Mort gives you a quest, where you get it as a reward. He's located in Dearic cantina

2. The clone commanders had special designed armors. These Katarn armors that we are getting, are normal clonetrooper armors.

3.(2) Actually, I don't know. Probably some Kashyyk quest, I'll check it out.

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I cannot find any guides how to get it, so I guess it's not in the game...


Can anyone confirm this, or do you have a guide how to get it? :)


And no, you can't customize the armor (as far I know)


YES! Some dude I know messaged the guide to me on msn :)


Clone Rifle & Carbine:

1. Talk to Boba Fett in Jabba's Palace (Must have completed Jabba's Theme Park).

2. Goto Restuss, Rori and talk to the npc near the door leading towards the shuttle and tell him about your mission.

3. Disable the ship on the given wp and escort it.

4. Goto Labor Outpost, Yavin IV and talk to the bartender in the back of the cantina.

5. Goto Narshal, Talus and Speak with Durg

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as a side note, there is a quest from the tat space station that you can do that rewards you with a "pass." you use this pass, "sign" your name, and give it to the guy out front before you enter the palace.


im not sure if this eliminates you from being able to do the quests later, but for crafter toon for the smuggler alliance it surely did help.


and yes you do the boba fett part of the legacy stuff to get the clone rifle as well as a clone carbine (its either or for that) when i went back to rifleman I traded my clone carbine for the rifle...good trade if you ask me.


and good luck with this. youll have to post some screenies

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Thanks for the warm words Tronus :D


At the moment we are 5 members, but we expect to get a hell 'lotta more :p


And if any of you guys are tired of having to start a new char, you can just get an Image Design by monstruo's alt called Bieno. Of course you still have to be human


(Mail monstruo because he's not that often on bieno)

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