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Star Wars Battlefront 3 (wishlists)


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Who said you need a $100.00 yoke controller to play the game? I'm talking about game play that takes a little more skill. I mean come on bro are you really happy with the space combat? It's mostly rushed together. They just need to spend more time on it. Answers this, when you play as a soldier don’t you feel like your playing with almost like cheap plastic? The models are almost toy like. Who said if it's a little more realistic it cant be fun? To me your standards for games are somewhat low my friend.


Okay if they DO make the 3rd one arcade like. THEN at least make it well. I wouldn’t have a problem with the game if it was up to Unreal Tournament series standards but the truth is, it is not. And the population of the game and complaints about the game proves it.


And Rainbow 6? The series has been slowly falling of the track for a while now my friend.


Well, Asking for an Unreal Tournament quality may be a bit too much, but yeah it would be nice.


Actually if space combat were to to be battlefield like I would be happy. Not too realistic but managable without having a decent joystick.


As for the models, oh well, I rather them improving the online play ability first. Currently the ping and framerate goes to hel when playing online.

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if a SWBF 3 comes out, its likely going to be for the XBOX 360, or the PS3, or the new nintendo... what sucks is not many PCs can handle those graphics... lest a nice one with a ge-force 7800 or something like that


unfourtinately, LA may see this logic and not even make the game for PC... but I'm not giving any ideas or anything...


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Personally, I could bet £3000 that a SWBF 3 is going to be more flash with substance. The biggest prob, is that it's going to compete with whatever the NEXT Battelfied is, and somehow, I feel that'll own the market though realism combat for a while, unless a third party jumps in and makes it their own.


Seriously, just thinking about power-ups, weird turbo boosts and the whole sci-fi setting is putting me in favour of making the game more "arcadey". Realistic classes belong in a REALISTIC millitary game, but I doubt you could ever make a Star Wars game like that without n00bs crying that they can't play as Darth maul.


It does make me sound like I'm going on my word somehow, but meh.


Anyway, the niche they have (besides the SW=$$$ scheme) is that they are console mainly, arcadish and pretty much rubber-troops fighting glass tanks that any 10 year old could play and not get frustrated. I dunno if you can really expect a whole "Let's make a Combat Engineer class" idea valid when you can take out a tank with grenades anyway and death doesn't "really" matter in the game.

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Consoles are just as good as the high end computers when they come out. Then as time goes on the computers leave the consoles in the dust and they releaes a new consoles that are only as good as the high end computers.


I think a dual 4-core processor with 4 of the newest 512MB graphics cards and 8GB ECC memory will beat XBOX 360, or the PS3, or the new nintendo in graphics.


If they make SWBF3, I hope it is a complete rework. No code from SWBF or SWBF2

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Heresy! :tsk: That game was SO awesome. Sure, singleplayer was meh, but when you played multiplayer conquest with FOUR players, it was so cool. Good times, good times. :clone:


By the way, this is a wishlist for SWBF3....unless this is what you want on your "wishlist." Meh, Episode III was better.


Yes, I have think levels like Otoh Gunga and some maps inside a capital ship would be a good edition.

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Pssh, why make an individual map for every capital ship interior? Just make all the capital ships have large interiors. They don't need to be actual size of course, but complex enough to make them fun.


I think were just reiterating old ideas now though, how about somthing new? I know we all talked about diffrences between classes, etc but how about listing specifics... heres my basic ideas for the soldier class:


Rebel Infantry: The basic rebel footsoldier, the rebel infantryman is probably the fastest of the infantry classes. They also have the added advantage of camoflauge on certain maps. Their equipment includes:


Rebel Rifle:This rifle is slightly slower then the other's but has a slightly longer range and greater accuracy.


Rebel Pistol: Standard rebel side arm, the rebel pistols have a higher rate of fire then most pistols; but tend to be slightly less accurate as well.


Thermal Detonator (3): Rebel soldiers carry three of these throwable explosives. Can be charged to increase distance.


Anti-Armor grenade (3): Rebel troops also carry three of these magnetic grenades. Their blast radius is smaller then the detonator, and they don't throw units as far but have the advantage of sticking to vehicles and other structures. They deal only mediocre damage, but can disable a vehicle if they manage to hit a critical location. Like thermal detonators they can be charged to increase the distance they can be thrown.


Imperial Stormtrooper: The imperial stormtrooper has more health then the rebel soldier, although they are slower they do not use up stamina as quickly due to their training. They come equipped with:


Imperial Blaster: The imperial blaster fires blasts much quicker then the rebel rifle but sacrifices accuracy for raw stopping power.


Imperial Pistol: Quite a useful side arm it has a very low range but exellent accuracy.


Imperial Detonator (4): the imperials use more advanced explosives then the rebels, their grenades have a slightly larger blast radius and have two settings, delayed explosion and explosion on impact making them more useful. Like the rebels you can charge the shot to throw it a greater distance.


Clone Trooper: Almost identical to the stormtrooper, it has a bit more stamina but also a bit less health.


Clone Rifle: This high powered rifle has a good steady rate of fire and a very long range. As well as very high powered shots, however it's accuracy is somewhat subpar. It's kick back is also significantly greater then other rifles, making it even harder to aim however crouching or proning can negate the worst of these effects.


Clone Pistol: Almost a mini version of the rifle, this high powered pistol is also very accurate and has a longer range then most side arms however, it takes a long time to cool off so be careful about letting it over heat.


Thermal Detonator(2): Similer to imperial explosives, these grenades take slightly longer to detonate during the "delayed" setting.


EMP grenades (2): These useful anti-droid weapons also have delayed and impact explosion modes they fry any droid in their area of effect and also damage and temporarily disable any vehicles or other structures in the area as well.


Super Battledroid: These soldiers are the slowest of the infantry, but also have the most stamina and health.


Wrist Blaster: Unlike most infantry units, the SBD's main weapon requires no ammunition. However the shots can overheat, so be careful how long you fire. It fires off two laser blasts at once quite quickly making it an offensive powerhouse, but it can't hit long distance units as easily. It also sports a "tri shot" mode where three shots are fired instead of two, this is a devestating weapon but will overheat quite quickly.



Wrist Rockets(3): Instead of grenades SBD's have three built in rockets, these are more precise then grenades, and deal almost as much damage as a standard rocket to vehicles but have a shorter blast radius.



Keep in mind of course, this is just a rough idea, and also these diffrences wouldn't be to great. All rifle type weapons are generaly the same, with just slight tweaks and diffrences to make them unique. Nothing game breaking I would hope.


I would also say maybe the units health could be decreased a bit, not one shot kill extreame, but just make the units a bit weaker, so you place more effort on taking cover and stuff, and not just running blindly into combat. Unless you want to get killed alot I suppose.

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By the way, this is a wishlist for SWBF3....
I could tell. ;)


Nice ideas ParanoidAndroid, but if the super battledroid's wrist rocket's were nearly as strong as the anti-vehicle rockets, I could see very few players choosing the assault droid as the SBD could take on both infantry AND vehicles somewhat effectively, even if the rockets are dumb-fired. I think it would be best to leave them as they are: great vs. infantry, but mostly useless against everything else.

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Brings me to my comment about differentiating "splash damage". If it's an anti-tank weapon, it should be minimal splash damage, after all, it's not going to splash multiple tanks, so why waste the energy (OK, that's a bit IRL as anti-tank rockets are high penetration low "bang" weapons). While anti infantry weapons should be high splash but lame overall damage to vehicles for obvious reasons.



*AAT has a low splash damage main cannon and a high splash damage side cannon. But the side cannons don't hurt vehicles as much.


*SBD has a high splash rocket while the Assault droid has a low splash (but makes tanks cry).


So on and so forth etc. Stops people hording the AT classes while people moaning that vehicles are overpowered. Heck, where are the specific anti-infantry vehicles and the specific anti-tank vehicles, and artillery?! The AT-RT should not be able to 0wn tanks!

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Hmm good points, so how about this for splash damage for the infantry's nades:


Thermal Det: Large splash radius, the kill zone extends about three people out from the grenade itself. The outer radius deals heavy damage and throws the guy's but isn't fatal damage.


Anti-Armor Grenade: Actually this has the same blast radius as the thermal detonater. However it's kill radius is quite small so only those standing right on it when it explodes will be killed. Everyone else is knocked down and delt mediocre splash damage, it's true power lies in sticking to vehicles/turrets and destroying them or disabling them.


EMP grenade: Not really an explosive, it's radius is similer to a thermal detonator but it only effects droids/vehicles and doesn't throw those caught in the blast.


Wrist Rocket: Slightly smaller kill radius then the thermal detonator, it kills those it directly hits and anyone right next to them. But it's outer damaging radius is just as wide, and deals considerable damage to units. It deals mediocre damage to vehicles but is ineffective against their strong armor.

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