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The world of Malgor - IC thread

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Once upon a time in a world deep in our minds...

A rebellion was brewing against the dictatorship of Carmael and the ruthless king, King Mandau. This should not be a problem for the kingdom's armies, but a new twist was revealed to the king....

The Rebellion had found out about the whereabouts of the Fire amulet of Gohan and with the artifact, they would be able to persuade the guild of adventurers, which is the most powrful guild in the kingdom, into their ranks. The king wants none of this, and so sends a group of his best assassins and mercenaries after the two rebels and their slowly growing group of outlaws and wanderers




...to Malgor



















- Human



- Elf

*Dark elf

*Moon elf

*Forest elf

*Grey elf

*High elf


- Dwarf

- Orc


- Troll


*Darktroll(Known as Olog-Hai in LotR but this is a different world, so the name won't be known here)

- Centaur

- Shapeshifter




- Warrior

- Knight

- Paladin

- Priest

- Mage

- Healer

- Wanderer

- Village elder

- Assassin


You can make up your own races and classes, too



Map here



A kingdom made half of islands. The best seamen and pirates come from here and their navy is superior to any. Their mountains also contain mostly gold so their cities are usually made of pure golf and the people there are extremely rich



The kingdom of green. Their homes are up in trees and their skills lie in archery. Most of the kingdom's population are elves and especially forest elves because of the lush forests of the area



The land of the educated, this kingdom's ruler is a council of the wisest of all. If you need information or magical powers, this is the place where you should head for. The borders of this nation are sealed by magic from incoming attacks, but the amulet of Belgaer can break the magic wall easily



A very militaristic Kingdom, it is ruled by a ruthless dictator that is not even of

royal blood. That is why a rebellion is slowly brewing inside this dark empire, which is pretty much immune to other kingdoms because of it's great morale of troops and the quality and quantity of them



Megilenta is basically the poor kingdom, very weak in military strenght and even otherwise poor. The other kingdoms, however, don't want this land for their own, just because it is what it is. All the worst kind of criminals are here and the government is full of corrupt bureucrats, just begging to be bought

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Name: Baningild

Age: 126

Race: Centaur

Class: Warrior

Alignment: Rebels

Homekingdom: Carmeal

Weapons: 2 Shortswords and a Claymore

Equipment: Light Plate armour (http://www.narniafans.com/movies/images/centaur_lg.jpg)

Biography: Grew up in Carmeal and so was trained how to be a soldier and fighter. But when he was old enough to realize that what King Mandau was doing was wrong, he fled and found the rebel group.

Other: Willing to do anything to keep the survival of the rebel group going.

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Name: Alzibar Enuxiel

Age: 391

Race: Dark elf

Appearance: Alzibar

Class: Assassin

Alignment: Neutral

Homekingdom: Unknown, but likes to call Megilenta his home

Weapons: Two dragon daggers, a saber and a longbow

Equipment: Cloth(To cover face with), 10 beltbags, two moneybags, monocular

Biography: Found on the steps of an orphanage and kept under the strickt diciplin of the orphanage, he grew up to be a rebel and learned in an early stage on how to blend into the shadows with the advantage of his skin colour. He had a long list of assassinations before he was even 30 and it grew and grew all the time. He started to tone it down a bit in his 350th birthday and left room for younger assassins to step in. Before he found out about the plans of Mandau and before he vanished, he was in service of Mandau himself and had trained half of his other assassins. Now he is usually well paid and does assassinations rarely, even thought his nickname(Reaper from the shadows/The Reaper) still wanders in the higher circles, picking the people off from the circle one by one. Most of the people that fear of being killed by his hand have placed bounties on his head, and most mercenaries or assassins on the street are after him as a side-kill

Other: He is rarely seen and when seen, he wants to be seen, even thougt nowadays he is seen more and more as some of his aliases

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Name: Tarika

Age: 23

Race: Shapeshifter

Appearance: (natural appearance) 5' 9" tall, human features, blue eyes, blonde shoulderblade-length hair

Class: Assassin

Alignment: neutral

Homekingdom: Born in Walgaen, but now wanders without a set home

Weapons: single-hand sword, bow and arrows, twin long knives

Equipment: hidden pouch filled with various poisons used for various things (blinding, paralyzing, death, ect.), a collection of easily removeable dresses designed to mask the more functional clothing beneath

Biography: Born in Walgaen, Tarika was sent away after a stranger tried to kill her. She was raised on another island of Walgaen, but at eighteen, she stowed away on a ship and found her way to land with less water around it. Here, she began training as an assassin, a common thing for Shapeshifters to do. Because of her ability to learn quickly, she soon became very good at the job.


As an assassin, she has created a different name and appearance for each place she visits. Each place knows her by the name she has chosen, making it seem as if there are a number of assassins using the same methods. Only the smartest have figured out that it is only one assassin, a Shapeshifter.

Other: Few people have seen the real Tarika. She most commonly appears under the name Tani, an elf with green eyes and black hair. Tani is a traveller who claims to be following the trail of destruction created by a Shapeshifter assassin.

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A hooded figure creeped on the roof of a small palace, just above the sleeping quarters of a military commander. He looked around carefully and then dropped down onto the balcony of the bedroom, leaving no sound at all. He drew his other dagger out and looked inside the window, where only one candle was lit above the writing table where a figure was sitting, writing onto his diary before going to bed. The assassin swiftly inserted the blade into the lock and turned, the lock giving a slight noise as it unlocked. The man turned around and grasped the hilt of his sword, but saw nobody outside. The commander stood up and started slowly to walk towards the balcony, trying to see if there was someone there. As he peeked outside from right next to the half-glass door, the doors opened and hit the man, sending him stumbling backwards. He drew his sword but it was too late. There were already three black-feathered arrows buried in his chest and the last, red feathered arrow, was coming right at him. The commander slumped against the door and then fell sideways onto the floor. The assassin grinned under his cloth-covered mouth and placed his longbow back onto his back. He walked to the commander, slit his throat and walked to the diary. He took the feather pen and dipped it onto the blood on the dagger blade. The feather pen moved swiftly on the diary paper and formed the word 'Reaper' onto it. The tall man climbed quickly up and ontop of the closet next to the bed, waiting for the rival he had heard of coming into town. He was hoping that the rival would arrive soon, as he was an impatient man after a few close calls with the guards in the near months


((Okay, I know that I killed him already, but try to fix something up, as Tarika doesn't know the Commander's dead already. That okay?))

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Baningild walked majestically through the small town, some people scurrying off and hiding, others giving dirty looks, but most just gave nods of appreciation. Baningild has lived here for some time now and has protected the town against numerous things, not just raids and quarrels, but political things and economical things. Ban may be a warrior but he fights as well with the tongue as he does the sword.

"'Mornin' Ban!" said a happy looking plump man.

"Good morning Jesse." Ban rumbled.

"Care for a drink? maybe show your hand in some poker, they already got a game going on in there."

"Sure why not." Ban said as he followed Jesse into his bar. Once in Ban had to duck under ther rafters as he was easily over 10 feet tall. he lay down, according to horse standars, which left him looking like he was standing, according to Human standars.

"Can I get in on this game?"

"Sure Ban." said one of the barmates as he handed him cards.

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Name: Averrus at his homeland but NeoVenom to all the others.

Age: 24 (which idk how old is that in Elf Years..lol)

Race: Moon Elf

Appearance: Here's a pic!

Class: Warrior

Alignment: Good

Home Kingdom: Helvo

Weapons: Sword, Shield, and Bow

Equipment: Plate Armor from head to toe and a red cape

Biography: Averrus (aka NeoVenom) is known as one of the best Warriors from Helvo. As soon as he became of age to get training as a warrior, he was first in line. Throughout years, he travelled around helping the good and defeating the evil.

Other: People can tell when NeoVenom comes to town when he's on his mount, Zino


(Out of Character: You can tell I play a lot of World of Warcraft by the pic. LoL I might update his Bio a bit more cuz I hardly got time right now.)

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Nearly an hour later, Tarika slipped into the same room and swore under her breath. Her target was already dead. The door swung open, but Tarika was enough in the shadows to successfully shift into Tani before coming into the light.


"Tani?" the guard exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"


The Shapeshifter shook her now Elven head sadly. "Following an assassin," she answered. Then she caught sight of the open journal. "Only this time, the assassin is not the one I thought it was."


"Reaper!" the guard exclaimed. He eyed Tani suspiciously. "Did you crawl in through the window?"


Tani nodded. "I wanted to catch the assassin before he knew I was coming," she explained. "And now I find I was on the wrong trail. I'll stay here a day or so, see if I can pick up the Shapeshifter's trail again." She bowed slightly. "I apologize for startling you... and for what happened to the commander."


The guard then realized that Tani had come too late to stop the assassin. The commander was dead. As Tani slipped out through the window again, the guard began rousing the others, spreading the word.

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"New assassin in town." Said a man as he stepped into the Tavern.

"What'd that now Desmond?" Desmond was the town informant, he got around real fast and had connections in high places.

"I says theres a new assassin in town, whoever it is, is really good appearntly, just warning ya all." Then the man sat down and ordered a drink.

"Whaddya think Ban?"

"I think as long as the assassin doesn't touch anyone in this town, its all good with me, I raise 60." Ban said as he put in his chips.

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As the guard turned to the hallway to call for others, a shadow jumped down softly from the top of the closet and swiftly made his way to the balcony, happening to go past the guard in his way. He jumped onto a ledge on the wall and from ther swung himself up onto the roof again. He bounced the bag of gold in his hand and chuckled. It would take the guard hours to notice his gold was gone.


He looked down onto the ground and then up onto the rooftops, trying to find the other assassin. He had seen her in the shadows and in the light and heard what she said. "A shapeshifter, eh? This might be quite a challenge" he muttered and then turned, walking on the ledge of the roof. Once he got tot the other side, he jumped onto the next roof and like this made his way towards a nearby tavern. The name 'Tani' was ringing in his head as he tried to think if he knew of anyone by that name from earlier acquaintances. He would need to ask around about her. He stopped and crouched on the roof of the tavern, thinking about his new rival


((I'll be adding the rebels passing throught after a few more posts))

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Name: Lio

Age: 22

Race: Halfling

Appearance: Black hair, bright blue eyes, short

Class: Wanderer

Alignment: Neutral

Homekingdom: Megilenta

Weapons: Short sword, dagger

Equipment: chainmail armor

Biography: Managed to survive his childhood in Megilenta, an impressive feat for a halfling. At the age of 15 he had enough money to get away from that place, mostly acquired by thieving. He wanders the land now, surviving mostly by stealing

Other: Mysterious, strong for a halfling. Never tells anyone his last name.


Lio walked along the streets, he was following a suspicious man. One who was crouched down carefully, and looking around. Those always had valuable stuff.

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Mounted on his Tiger, Zino, NeoVenom made his was to the front gates of Carmael. "And you come by whose orders?" asked one of the guards out loud as NeoVenom approached. At the sight of NeoVenom's mount, the guard shook alittle. Its not everyday does he sees a tiger the size of a horse. "Just passing thru, that's all." replied NeoVenom. NeoVenom always had a problem with the kingdom of Carmael because of the king and his guards lack of respect to anyone that is not a human. The guard looked at the other guards that was with him and then back at NeoVenom. "Fine fine...you can pass." said the guard. He looked up and yelled for the gates to be opened. NeoVenom nodded towards the guard and proceeded thru the gate. "I wouldn't try anything fishing!" yelled the guard at NeoVenom. "Oh...don't worry, I will not." said NeoVenom as he shook his head. "Typical..." he said under his breath.


In the town, lots of children greeted NeoVenom with smiles, as well as some of the people of Carmael. On the other hand, some people gave him dirty looks. In those occassions, NeoVenom just ignored those that didn't respect him since the world can be a bit bias sometimes. He gave a slight tug at Zino and wheeled him towards the local Tavern. NeoVenom swiftly got off his mount and patted Zino side gently.

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The assassin swiftly hid again into the shadows and soon, a man dressed similiarly than the assassin, walked out of the alleyway near the tavern, his hed tuged depp into the shdows of his hood but the cloth that had hidden his mouth and nose was now in one of the many belt bags that hung on his broad, brown belt. He looked around at the light traffic on the dark street and then headed across the street and into the quite busy tavern, taking note that it was late at night. The man opened the bulky old door and stepped into the candle-lit room, closing the door after himself. The steps of his tall, slender legs took him up to the fat middle-aged bartender as his hand grabbed the gold he stole from the guard.

"Get me an ale, will ya" he said and sat down on the tall barstool. "Would you happen to know an elven lady going by the name of Tani?" he added after getting the ale. He wondered how long it would take for the town to be in commotion about Reaper, someone who hadn't been in the town for a century and back then had killed the mayor and two highly ranked military officials in one night. Back then the town was way smaller tho' and the word got around quicker tan in big cities, but by the morning all of the townsfolk had been talking about the assassinations. Ah... The good old days...

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He took his ale calmly and took a long sip to wetten his throath before he would speak with her. She had made him wait for many hours in the commander's room, waiting for her.


"You can start by telling me who are you, and why you are such a lousy asaassin hunter" he said now turning to see her, the candlelight now showing his grey eyes, his obsidian black skin and a short lock of white hair going right next to his temple. The rest of his hair was, however hidden behind his head in the form of a ponytail. You could not mistake him for anything else than a dark elf if you could see him clearly enought from where you waited. A couple of mercenaries indeed noticed him and what he was. It was nothing new to him that they scowled and turned away

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Ban was soon nearing Carmael's gates.


"Halt! what business do you have here?"

"To see my family."


"Its the only Centaur family in your City, the Holtiers...I am Baningild Holtier."

"Well alright then." Then he was let in. As he walked through the city people gave him dirty looks, other spat when they saw him, but Ban did not care.

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The door of the tavern opened and NeoVenom walked thru with his head slight downwards due to his height. Again, some people greeted him with smiles while others gave him dirty looks. His sword, the Skullforge Reaver, which was on his back behind his shield, gave a slight purple glow that lit the room a little as he walked by. "What may I get ya, sir?" said the bartender to NeoVenom. "Nothing for now. Just wondering how are things in Carmael." He looked around and spotted a person that looked like an assassin towards his left in conversation with a person. NeoVenom thought to himself, why would an assassin be at a bar? NeoVenom knew he was that profession because of the way the person were dressed.

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((NeoVenom, my char is not dressed as an assassin. She's a bit hard to explain really. She's a Shapeshifter who spends most of her time looking like an Elf... read the info I posted on her in the OOC thread...))


Tani's smile vanished. "Either word travels fast or you were the being I heard slip out after I left."

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((I actually don't know. I would expectthem to be in a medium-sized town somewhere close to the border, but still at least a week's way))


He chuckled slightly, his shoulders nudging slightly as he mused himself with the girl's intelligence. He alway liked people of intelligence and teasing their brains was his favourite past time. He again turned his head , this time towards his ale and took a shorter ship than his last ones.


"If I am, will you try to kill me, shapeshifter?" he noted in a quet but hearable voice, figuring that the townsfolk knew her and would be pretty pissed, if he would go around throwing accusations at someone they knew. Hot-tempered, almost Irish-like people they were around these parts and if one town got angry at him, another would follow eventually, and that would not help Reaper in his job

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