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Swampie Music Awards 2005

Darth Groovy

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I have a bad feeling about this thread...

I wasn't trying to make the thread take a nosedive ... there was some pretty cool stuff out this year, I added a bunch to my collection, as did my wife and kids ... but Metheny's work was just so epic and sweeping in scope and execution, showing a brilliance in composition and execution, that it makes everything else I heard this year - including some pretty fine jazz stuff - seem like comparing Britney Spears to the Beatles.



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Best band: Bright Eyes

Best album: Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning


Best music video: Bright Eyes - At The Bottom Of Everything


Best Single: Bright Eyes - Easy/Lucky/Free


(What?! :p I think Conor Oberst had a really brilliant year.)


runners up:


Sufjan Stevens : "Illinois"

And then I turned Seven (Local band): "The Jamestown Story"

Franz Ferdinand: "You could have it so much better"

Bright Eyes: "Digital Ash In A Digital Urn"


*shrugs* Theres a lot of pretty good music that I like that came out this year. Mainly Bright Eyes. :)

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In no particular order, my favorite 3 albums of the year.


Soilent Green-Confrontation

Goblin Cock-Bagged and Boarded

Fantomas-Suspended animation


I understand we have minors that visit the forum, but other than the bands name there is nothing inappropriate about this very awesome video: http://www.wormwoodfilms.com/movies/goblin_cock_2.mpg

If the name's just too much, mods feel free to edit my post.

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This year had a lot of ok stuff, but very little that stood out as outstanding imho.


Kaiser Chiefs - Employment: This was an excellent album, i like their exuberance. Problem is it got SO overexposed that by the time i finally got it i'd heard the songs like a million times on tv and radio. (clash meets blur)


Sigur Ros - Takk: This band took a small while to grow on me, but they are pretty unique and takk is definately a much more accessible album than a few of the early ones. (weird icelandic mellow rock classical)


Gorillaz - Demon Days: Simply awesome album. (dance pop rap - i dunno)


Green Day - American idiot: was this 2005?


Can't think of much else, and can't think of a stand out song of the year either.


Tried a soilent green sample. Please don't let me do that again. ;)

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Best Soundtrack: Star Wars Episode III: The Soundtrack(John Williams conducts London Symphony Orchastra & London Voices)


Best Band: Boston Pops (he he so I am a classic music lover)


Best Song(s): 1.(Have not figuered out yet)

2. Duel of the Fates/Battle of Heroes

3. Imperial March

4. Tetris Theme/Dr. Mario/Other Video Game Music(That I have and that is good)


Best Composer: 1. Bach/Mozart

2. John Williams

3.Nobou Uesteuo(Sorry about spelling of last name, don't have it off hand) Composer of Final Fantasy 4/2.

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Well, seeing as Metallica didn't release any new records this year, only a DVD with cuts from their Black Album songs, I can only say this year has been the worst, but still, their was some good music.


Best Band(s): Korn, Slipknot


Best Album(s): Korn - See You On The Other Side; Slipknot - 9.0 Live


Best DVD: Metallica - Black Album Uncut


Yep, that's my year of music.

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Eric Johnson - Bloom

Cream - At The Royal Albert Hall

Ep. III Soundtrack

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Soundtrack

Anggun - Luminescence (I don't actually have this one yet, but I've heard most of the tracks...)


Unfortunately, that's about all of the albums that I can can think of that I bought or listened to this year that were actually released in 2005.


Bought a whole bunch of older albums... but not even as many as in years past. Not a great year for me musically, I'm afraid.


The one song that got to me most though is probably "Journey Of The Sorcerer" from the "Hitchhiker's Guide" movie. When that track started in the theater I got chills... I'd been waiting so long...

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I really got into some older music this year; a lot of alternative country really, but there was a nice serving of this year's releases that I really enjoyed:


Audioslave - Out of Exile | Really sweet album. Some say that it's not as good as their debut, but it's still really great. I listened to it almost nonstop for about a month. :D


Rob Thomas - Something to Be | This is Rob Thomas' (of Matchbox 20) first solo album. I have to say I really hope that he does some more music on his own. I still listen to this one regularly, and it's just as good as ever. :)


3 Doors Down - Seventeen Days | I got this after hearing only two songs off of it. I didn't really know what to expect, but I was not disappointed. Awesome album. :)


Ryan Adams - Jacksonville City Nights | I only started listening to Ryan Adams last summer, but I've been hooked since I first heard him. Every album I have of his is great, but this is one from 2005 so I list it. :D

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I must try the new audioslave one as well, the first one was highly flawed, but still had moments of excellence. (and they rock hard live!)


Illinoise - hmm, not sure what the fuss is about, though of course it was never likely to live up to the hype. Maybe its a grower, but i wasn't that impressed.

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