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Swampie Music Awards 2005

Darth Groovy

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Haha! Not your cup o' tea toms?


Afraid not, wasn't quite what i was expecting either. Never been able to get into the sort of rock where they put on weird voices... :)


The Mars Volta was another cool band I noticed in 2005, must get around to giving their new album a proper listen, as it isn't the sort of thing you can do casually.


I just saw the Brit Award nominations, and although I thought I would be happy that "manufactured pop" is out and "guitar bands" and "singer songwriters" are in - i'm not really.

Just as manufactured pop was annoying because it was all the same, the music industry has now gone overboard making clones of coldplay, the killers and so on... and its all starting to just sound the same again. While the White Stripes (for example) were amazing and fresh 2 years ago, after a few years of every band sounding a bit like them it doesn't sound so fresh and special.


I think I'm gonna have to search out some new artists or some different genres...

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Hmm... Can't recall exactly what cds came out this year, but I'll try to come up with a few I'm sure of...


Audrey Horne - No Hay Banda

Norwegian grunge band with members of various big bands. Great album, and radio friendly.


Scum - Scum

Another "supergroup" with Casey Chaos from Amen on vocals, and a bunch of famous Norwegians on instruments. Pretty good mix of black metal and punk, and with a really pissed off attitude.


Graveland - Fire Chariot Of Destruction

Viking/black metal band from Poland, with a great new release. Haven't listened too much to the album yet though, but I love it so far.


Uh... Can't recall any other great releases this year... Never got into the new Fields Of The Nephilim album, and both Sentenced and NIN's new albums were a bit of a let-down for me...

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