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Why can't I add a new variable to forcedata_t?

Vruki Salet

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Yeah, unless your doing some compiler stuff you can't really add things to q_shared.c or q_shared.h. This is why, you know when you edit b_pmove.c it changes for both the server and client projects? q_shared.h is a file not just for those two but also unreleased code for the rendering and network code and other engine stuff. So if server and client runs one version of q_shared.h and the renderer and network code runs another it really messes stuff up.

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Well, there are a couple of options....


1. you can use some of the unused/rarely used data slots in the playerstate. namely, some of the slots in the stats array aren't used that can be used.


2. use ext_data/mp/*_overrides.txt files to change the size of the entitystate/ playerstate to include the user floats/ints. Please note that is will make your mod incompatible with basejka servers and such, since it changes the size of the game packets.

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Quoth Tinny:


"...but also unreleased code f..."


Ah there's my answer. I forgot about that aspect of things.


& Quoth Razorace:


"...use some of the unused/rarely used data slots..."


Yeah that's what I'll do if I really think it's worth it but I'll probly hold off since there're are only so many slots.


Thanks for the overerides tip. I never thought of using those and they could come in handy someday.

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