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Cool New Force Power: "Force Collapse"


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LOL. thats twice that i know of machinecults tried to be an unofficial moderator. quit it man. its not good.

Tried to be an unofficial moderator? Bollocks.

Did I "try" to delete or edit someones post or close a thread? No, because it is impossible for a non-mod to moderate.

Telling someone not to bump an old thread is the same as telling someone that a thread someone has posted belongs on another board, which is something that non-mods do all the time.

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You know, we wouldn't need mods to lock this thread if people just stopped posting complaints and wishes for it to be locked and just allowed it to die...


Anyway back to somthing a bit more on topic: Someone told me that the patch prevented this force power, is that true or not? Can old man Palpatine still choke and fry at the same time? Or am I mistaken?

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for one thing, its a glitch that wasnt put into the game on purpose like force powers and aayla and maul and turrets and guns and walking and all that other noobish stuff


How do you know it wasn't intentional? It seems pretty easy to do it. I found it accidentally. If Pandemic never noticed it during all their time of beta testing, then they must not have tested very well.


You'd think they'd patch it too. Empire at War's gotten 5 patches so far, but SWBF2 has only gotten 1. I do wish they'd throw out more patches for us. :(


Though I guess Pandemic's too busy making next-gen Mercenaries 2(which has yet to secure a publisher as of E³). :firemad:

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