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A single ship made it's way across the inky blackness of space...


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It is a time of great unrest in the galaxy, a time of great exploration and discovery has givin rise to an age of wars, as cultures and species completely unaware of each other's presence battle to determine who is the dominate race. Into this turmoil a single goverment struggles to form, threatened on all sides by powerful warlords and pirates, all unwilling to give up power. For now we focus on the small ship, Sirria's Light , a scouting ship for the Sirrian peoples, it carries precious cargo, ambassadors from the Sirrian system. Protected only by a select group of mercenaries from the first galactic army and it's own small group of security guards, it travels toward the Earnon sysem. a central world, where leaders from all across the galaxy will attempt to work out some sort of peace. Little does the crew of the ship realize they are being watched.


Silently through the blackness of space a small silver probe flies for the ship, to small to attract attention on the ships radar's, onward it flies until it reaches the surface, a slight sizzling noise and it slowly floats away, it's purpose served, the sensors array on the ship is now subtly disabled, behind it a score of large cruel battleships appear, apparently out of nowhere, and begins making it's way silently towards it's prey, onboard the vessel the crew is blissfuly ignorant of the impending doom. The Saerken are aptly feared as the most vicious of space pirates.


Meanwhile in the soldiers mess hall two of the Sirrian security forces sit, enjoying a quick break, suddenly one looks up, a noise is heard above, he walks slowly to the stairwell, hands not even thinking of reaching for the stun pistol, after all no attack is expected, suddenly a grinding sounds, screams, and long thin screeches. He stares curiously up the stairwell suddenly his eyes widen, he turns and falls, the screeches increase in pitch. Twin rows of thin green light flash, accompanying the screeches, and rip effortlessly through the guard, tearing effortlessly through flesh, bone and low grade security armor. His companion stares in open mouthed terror as the fearsome forms of Saerken raiders begin marching down the stairs, he sees' only feet of crimson battle armor before turning and fleeing, crying out "The Sarks are attacking!"


Soon alarm spreads across the ship, security personel and soldiers attempt to route the invaders, but are quickly being over run. Ambassadors and other important persons attempt to make their ways to escape pods. In the prison bay doors are rocked open allowing several prisoners to wander out, take weapons from dead guards, and attempt to find their own way out. In the cell block several prisoners found themselves suddenly free, some desperate criminals, being transported for judgement, others small time smugglers and hunters, others innocent, captured in haste, for their shady background. Quickly arming themselves from the weapons of dead guards they seek their own way to freedom...


Ok so this isn't exactly star wars at all, merely somthing I thought would be cool. Your free to make up races, or just use already existing ones if you don't want to make one up. Add any sort of background if you feel inclined, or just a general description. Since this is all basicly being made up as we go along you have alot of freedom when making up a character, just make sure it's not unfairly powerful.



Name: What most people call your character

Age: Characters age

Gender: Do I need to explain?

Rank/position: (examples, Ambassador, Security personel, Galactic army grunt, escaped smuggler, janitor...)

Weapon(s): Might differ depending on your characters background, for example a prisoner might only have a stolen stun pistol, while a soldiers arsenal would be heavier.

Background: as long or short as you like

Any other important things we should know: speaks for itself.


I know it's not star wars, and the storey's kind of cheesey, but I thought it might be kind of fun to have a relativly unknown universe to mess around in.

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Some quick background info on stuff, could help when creating a character, feel free to add your own stuff to your own characters.


Sirria: A large cluster of planets towards the northern side of the galaxy, Sirria is known for it's wealth of resources and the brilliance of it's scientists, unfortunetly it is not a major military power, it's army is small, with very effective weaponry. They are among the leaders in this crusade for an intergalactic government, most of the ambassadors on the ship are extreamly important officials. Because of the lack of military prowess, their system has become a constant target for pirate raids, they join the government in a bid for protection. For the protection of the first Galactic Army they offer scientific advancement, and almost unlimited resources. The security personal carry low grade combat armor, and stun pistols, and rods, they are not trained to kill only to subdue. It's race is basicly humans by a diffrent name.


the first Galactic Army: Raising an army is time consuming buisness, and is not possible in these chaotic times. The members of the first galactic army are less of an army then a group of mercenaries, joining because of their support of this new 'government' or being pressed into service by their worlds, to help aid their home systems bid for power in the new order. They are almost all fully trained in the styles of combat unique to their home, and carry a bewildering array of weapons, from custom made combat spears to ancient blasters.


The Saerken: The planet of Saeria was a lush and fertile world, and they were one of the first races to discover intersteller travel. Unfortunetly the image of the quiet peaceful Saeria is a figment of the past. The first outsiders they came into contact with was the Sirrions, and after initial wariness the two cultures quickly became allies.

The twin civilizations enjoyed a golden age of peace, it all came crashing down with a single Sirrion scientist, his name long forgotten.


His creations were so valued by the people of Saeria he was givin a gift, the planets only moon, it's name has been lost, on the moon he locked himself away working manically on some scientific advancement for the good of both peoples. This was a lie, it was a good thing for the Sirrions only, he viewed the Saerken race with hatred and xenophobic disgust, so he planned to rid the galaxy of them, once and for all. What exactly he did is unknown, a terrible mystery, all that is known is that the small moon disapeared from the Sarien sky, and the planet was deserted, once a paradise, now a desert wasteland.


The scientists efforts were in vain, a cry arose from the peoples of Sirria, the man was hearled as a villain, not the hero he dreamed, he was banished from his homeworld into the endless depths of space, where no life dwelt, or so they thought. The Saerken race continued, but only a fraction survived, those living on huge mining rigs, tall crimson spire like structures floating in space, they became bases, capital ships for a fleet of pirate vessels, ever since the name "Saerken has become synonymous with space pirate. Their crimson armored bullet shaped vessels speed through space, attacking without discression, they are now only feared and hated.


The Saerken raider is covered head to two with bright crimson body armor, usless at stopping lasers, but quite effective at scaring non-saerken. Their weaponry consists mainly of a single "Shredder" a vicious Saerken weapon firing long jagged bolts of yellow-green light, that literaly rip targets to shreds, most armor is ineffective against them, the Saerken favor power to accuracy, they also all carry a Saerken combat knife. From their earlies history, they fought with knives, learning to weild one from a young age it is still apart of their arsenal, they carry it with deadly strength and precision. The standard Saerken has leathery green skin and a slit like nose, with pale green eyes that see well in the dark. Besides that they vaugely resemble Sirrions (humans)

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