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KotOR In Widescreen?!?

Det. Bart Lasiter

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Hey all! :) Sorry for the necro of this many year old post, but after 5 days of messing around, I am pretty sure a lot of people who end up here trying to fix the game will be really glad for my 2015 update :)


First of all, like many, I prefer to use 720p resolution on my monitor... I often use TV screens as monitors, connected in HDMI.. and even with a 71inch monitor, 1280x720 gives me the best size ratio...


unfortunately, as many have said, KOTOR refused to be played at 1280x720... so i tried 1080p, 1440x900, and a few others... but none gave me full screen display (my tv giving me only 720p or 1080p), i tried with uniws and 1440x900 was the closest i could get...


I had tried Flawlesswidescreen a few times but always got crashes, or nothing at all... to make it work, you need to remove the 800x600 tga files from the override folder, as well as all the .gui files from that same override folder (step1)... -- when thats done, install flawlesswidescreen, download the kotor module, when it says "waiting for game", just start the game normally, mess around in the menu (go check in graphic options, resolution) see if there are other resolution availlable BESIDE the 4 default ones of 800x600,1024,1280... if there are no other resolution in the menu, simply close the game, wait 10sec, and restart it again... the resolution SHOULD appear in the menu...


Many years ago, i made a 1152x648 custom 720p resolution in my catalyst ati control center... cause some game had issues with 1280x720... well KOTOR works at 1152x648 (real 16x9 resolution way below 1440x900) it looks absolutely GREAT (especially with 16GBs of extra textures in the override folder), and with flawlesswidescreen, even the cutscenes plays at 1152x648 making it TRULY 720p!!!


I cant believe nobody ever reported that this could work on WSGF or here or on steam... especially with the huge humble bundle a few weeks ago!


If anyone need extra help im always availlable to assist :) just post back here or pm me and i'll try to guide you as best as i can...


KOTOR 720p WORKS! :)


Have a nice day!

-=Fire Hawk X=-

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I'll be modding and playing the 2nd one after I finish the first so the link is actually quite welcome for myself at the very least! ;)


720p - 1152x648 still works great! im finishing taris now... only downside is that i have to manually go and delete the 800x600 png files every day as well as the .gui files, then reinstall the widescreen patch for kotor (in flawless widescreen), then start the game and exit it at least twice for it to work perfectly... A LOT of hassle... but I achieved what had been said to be impossible on WSGF so i'm quite glad! :)

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Kinda glad FireHawkX necro'd the thread.


Re: my earlier posts and the GUI fix for TSL...


Link to fully operational TSL GUI in 16x9 and 16x10


Possibly a shameless plug, but probably not a bad idea to post it here in case someone sees the old post.


Thanks again for your hard work in this field Achilles. I remember your constant updates a couple years ago in trying to get it right.

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