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your favorite commando from delta squad


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I like them all. Boss is a great leader. Fixer seems so professional. Sev is a cool killing maniac. Scorch has a good sense of humor. All their personalities are different and they compliment each other. Together they are extreamly powerful. I wonder if the Kaminoans made them like that on purpose?


If I had to pick one, probably Sev, ...or Fixer.

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im changing my name to sev when i am older.

Dude, no you aren't, thats the dumbest thing i've heard in a long time.

yes your without each other they are basically helpless

Accept for the large portions of the game where they have split up..? They are "without eachother" and still far from helpless.

i would say scorch because he has the same voice over as carth and a humorus personality

OMFG you're right he does have Carths voice!? I can't believe I never noticed that, nice one.

And I have to say I agree about Scorch and his personality.

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I like scorch because:


1. He's a funny guy

2. He's a funny guy... with a gun

3. He's a funny guy with a gun that deals with explosivse each and every day. I mean, c'mon... who here dosen't love explosions.

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Delta 38 is cool i mean u play as him. get da pc version and hit ` then type behindplayer 1 u can see ur commando

Yeah thats really great and everything if you like a Boss that isn't fully textured, with no HUD, and no movement animation other than running/walking.

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