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your favorite commando from delta squad


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I like scorch because:


1. He's a funny guy

2. He's a funny guy... with a gun

3. He's a funny guy with a gun that deals with explosivse each and every day. I mean, c'mon... who here dosen't love explosions.


That is a very good point, I never thought of putting it. . . that way before! LOL! Scorch will always be my favorite, he even has the same voice as my favorite KOTOR character, so its a two for one.

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my favorites boss... definetly boss... no wait i like scorch better! no NO i like FIXER yes FIXER nooooooooo i like SEV ya SEV's the coolest Nooooo im havin i thought.... boss definetly boss.... wait....[Edit:it pretty much goes on like this so when i became sober and stopped barfing i cut it. so if you MUST know its 38(he's jango fett for christ's sake!)]

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Jesus Christ, Mercid that sig is way too big, the maximum size is 80kb.

We actually don´t have a standard rule on sigs and their size. However I feel it´s right to use to one used at the Kotor section:

17. Signature


In the interest of saving bandwidth for your fellow posters please follow these rules.


Max Filesize: 80 KB

Max Dimensions: 500 x 120

Max Images: 3 total. The total file sizes and dimensions cannot exceed the previous rules. All together the images cannot total more than 80k in size, 500 pixels wide, and 120 pixels high.


Mercid, can you change your sig to the above standard?

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