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Mercenary Crew: Age of the Empire: Discussion and Recruitment thread


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I'm waiting for someone else to post for the RP to continue.


Edit: oK guys Is this RP Dead, with no one wanting to continue Or do at least half of us wish to continue.


Personally i want to contiue but i can't RP on my own... without getting kicked from the forums for spamming.


Also with Stingerhs still AWOL the RP is going to go slow as the Jedi is pretty pivitol to our story.

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It won't help to skip the story, Steve. Our current problem is that about half of us aren't posting regularly any more. At the moment, I think we're waiting for a post from Stingerhs. As for creating a new RP... well, I wanna finish this one! It had so much structure and was turning out very well. Let's see if we can't tough this lull out. I bet that, once school starts and people are around their computers more frequently, it'll pick up again... I hope :confused:

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Hi guy's i'd just thought i would share an idea i had for a run of Fan-fic's based around this RP. I have had Ideas for a series of stories that start from the Jedi joining the crew and will end with an '8 years story'. Obviously i will be using characters created by you lovely people(i should have started the flattery earlier but it's too late for that now) and i don't want to do it without your permissions. So I will give you an idea of changes i'll be making by adding short character Bio's and breif synopsis of the stories. Let me know if this is OK and if you would like me to make any changes (I.e change the name as you don't mind me doing the stories but you would prefer me not to use the same name.)



Nic White- Nic White was born Simon Raikelli as a twin and raised in the capital city of Naboo, Thread. His mother was one of the queens handmaidens (not Padme’s) so he was brought up within the walls of the palace and his father was a Lieutenant in the Naboo security force. While Children Nic and his Brother, Kriss, became friends with a young girl called Tanya. The three of them remained good friends throughout there childhood and all of them joined the NSF. Nic and Kriss both feel in love with Tanya but Nic did not act on his feelings leaving Kriss free to marry her.

Soon after joining the NSF the Clone war began, Naboo only saw small fragment of the war and was only attacked once causing the Republic to place a base on the planet. This caused the Naboo security force to only take on low level policing., which led to Nic joining the Naboo Elite Guard (N.E.G). He trained as a sniper and remained as one until the war was almost over. During what was to become his last mission he accidentally shot Tanya leaving him distraught and filled with guilt.

He took to the stars and changed his name, as he couldn’t stay on the world of his sin, he joined a small team of mercenaries where he learnt new skills. While in the team he ended up playing a game of Pazzack with a wealthy crime-lord known as Carmen. The stakes got to high for him and he ended up betting his services as a Body Guard, he lost and ended up spending a strange six months with the crime boss. When this period ended he smuggled himself onboard a ship trying to get to Irodia, but was discovered and literally dropped off on Coruscant. While looking for a way off the world he found himself in bar and trying to help a waitress, Jana.

Nic has sworn to protect Jana for reasons unknown to himself but has done it never-the-less.


Jana ‘short stuff’ Vincent- Jana was brought up on Corellia by her mother and father in one of the Coronet Suburbs. Because of her short stature her parents were concerned with her safety and sent her away to the T.C.T.A where she excelled.

She was quickly found to have a gift in many forms of martial arts combat and learnt how to use a variety of weapons and use improvised ones. She also got the highest scores in turret simulations and was equally first-rate at the real thing. While at the Academy she ended up getting a close relationship with one of the Combat instructors known as Reibe.

When she left the Academy she decided to explore the galaxy and collected her money together and headed for the core worlds. She only got as far as Coruscant when she ran out of money and went looking for work as a turret gunner. Unfortunately for her no one took her seriously due to her size despite her record at the T.C.T.A and ended up taking what work she could. She ended up working in restaurants and cantinas but due to her short fuse she kept getting into fights, which led to her getting fired. In one fight she ended up being helped by Nic White and started working with him as a mercenary.

She looks to Nic like an older Brother and has always wondered why she has stuck with him for so long and why he has let her.

Unknown to herself Jana is a ‘Key’ to the force and had been prophesised to be the one who can be used to destroy the force. She is the ancient ancestor of Reibe who has persuaded Nic to protector from the ‘Order of Traya’ an ancient cult who wish keep the universe balanced and destroy the force.


Cloud Aragu- (I’m changing the last name so I wouldn’t be copying the FF franchise) Cloud was born on the peaceful world of Alderaan and raised by his mother. His father left his family home when cloud was only nine to go and fight in the clone wars and never returned. He often spent his evenings looking out into the stars wandering where his father was and dreaming about travelling the stars.

Cloud was very intelligent and intuitive from a young age and quickly found a passion for engines and mechanics. He implemented these skill during his adolescence by supping up his friends racers and getting a job in a local ship-dock fixing up independent ships.

Despite his vast intelligence and the fact his family had enough money he chose to leave school at 16 and became a full time mechanic. A year after leaving school the Echo came to Alderaann after only recently being won by Nic white. It was in need of repair as the captain had chosen to fly it’s first trip without a mechanic and cloud was assigned the repair job. The Echo’s pilot Aerith often spent time with cloud during his repairs and persuaded Nic to recruit the young man.

Cloud jumped at the chance to explore the stars with the group of mercenaries and also found love onboard the ship with Aerith. Unfortunately for Cloud, Aerith like most mercenaries had made some enemies and had a bounty placed on her head. A Bounty Hunter known as Kason(Changed the name for same reason as before) came after her and killed her but not before Cloud tried to stop it and seriously wounded the bounty hunter. Kason has vowed revenge on Cloud as Cloud also vowed revenge for the loss of his love.



Oliver Van Impe- Oliver grew up on the fields of Dantooine as the son of a farmer, He was privileged with excellent education and eventually ended up going to medical school to train as a doctor. He learnt a lot about cybernetics and took it up as his speciality.

He graduated when the Clone War began and decided to sign up and become a medic on one of the republic’s medical ships. He spent these years replacing lost limbs and other parts of the body with new cybernetic ones onto the clones and enlisted troops. He was very quickly thought to be one of the foremost authorities in the field as the war came to the end and was promoted through the Republic’s ranks.

At the end of the war he stayed on and utilised his skills in Cybernetic implants to aid the Imperial Navy’s storm troopers and officers. He ignorantly went about his duties believing all the imperial Propaganda and believing he was doing his part for ‘Galactic Peace’.

One day he was ordered to the Wookie home-world to help in the re-education of the primitive species. He began working on new Cybernetic equipment he believed would be used to increase the Wookie’s intelligence when in reality they were being used to help subjugate the species. He soon found out the truth and managed to leave the imperial ranks.

With his eye’s now open to the truth he saw the galaxy for what it was and he could not take that he was apart of it. He soon took to drink trying to forget the things he had done. With no job, money or anything else Oliver joined some criminals as a medic and this soon led to him meeting the crew of the Echo. Oliver saved Nic’s life after he had gotten shot by a sniper and Nic took him on as his ships medic.


Jack Goren- Jack was born and raised on Naboo into a family with a long military tradition and Jack didn’t break it. He joined the Naboo Security force and began to train as a fighter pilot in the Royal Guard. He earned his place as one of the N1 pilots and because of the worlds peaceful stance he only ever flew in display shows and saw no combat

When the trade federation invaded his home-world jack was one of the captured pilots that were freed by the Jedi and journeyed to Coruscant via Tatooine. After the unsuccessful Senate meeting Jack also returned to Naboo with the queen. He was with the fighters that attacked the Droid Control ship in orbit of Naboo while the Gungan’s fought on the ground. While fighting Jack took a bad hit and lost engine power, Drawn by the planets gravity he went swirling into Naboo’s atmosphere and bailed out.

He was knocked out before he hit the ground by a piece of debris and awoke with two men standing over him. One of the men knocked him out again and Jack awoke a second time aboard a strange ship. His captors explained to him that they were apart of the ‘order of Traya’ and they had sought him out as he was neutral through the force (a rare occurrence).

Jack joined the order and served then for 20 years in their task to keep the order neutral and to seek ‘the key’. Then he was sent to kill one person so light in the force she disrupted the galactic balance. Jack went to kill her but discovered that he was sent to kill a girl of only five years old, Jack couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Jack was quickly thrown out of the order and had his memory of his service to them erased. He woke up on Tatooine with no knowledge since the moment he bailed out of his Fighter back on Naboo. It didn’t take him long to hear about the Clone War and the Empire taking over the galaxy but he could not discover anything about himself.

A couple of years past and he didn’t leave Tatooine, he had decided that he probably didn’t want to know about the last 20 years although he was still curious about the lost years. While walking through the market he saw a man running from a couple of Thugs on Swoop bikes and decided to help the guy out. The man was Nic White and he owned a ship that needed a Pilot.


Beryl ‘Psycho’ Quitann- Beryl’s mother died during her birth so she was raised by her father and six brother at there estate on Corellia. Beryl’s father was one of the top engine designers in galaxy and this made his very wealthy but he still brought his children up himself. Beryl’s Brothers had the effect of making her a Tom boy, she loved to fight, engines and all kinds of things a Lady shouldn’t.

While she was very young a Jedi came to her father with a proposal to build new fighters for the temple. The Jedi felt that the force was strong with beryl and told the father she needed to be trained, not wanting to loose his daughter he turned the Jedi away and never told beryl of her affinity.

Beryl’s father decided to send her to the TCTA as she wished to become a pilot and she had great skill at it. While there she became known as a risk taker and a person who liked to push the boundries which once led to her destroying half of the main comm. tower. Her father paid the bill for repairs and persuaded the school to keep her on but she earned the Nickname ‘Psycho’ .

After graduation she joined her fathers company as a test pilot. When the clone war began all of her brothers went to fight against the separatists and beryl wanted to go with them but her father made her promise not to go. When the war ended three of her brothers returned as two died in battle and one stayed in the imperial army.

Not long after her father died and Two of the brothers left and joined the rebellion while the last brother started a transport company (secretly a smuggling ring for the rebels). The company was sold to the Empire on her father’s death so Beryl lost her job and ended up taking a job on one of her brothers blockade runners. On one mission her ship was captured and she got bailed out by her brother (despite her protests). She found herself in a bar gambling with anyone who would play including Nic White, Nic wagered a position on his crew and Beryl won.


Ryshana- With Ryshana I don't want to do anything differant as he will have her in his stories. So when it comes to exploring her past i'll like to work with him on it... But if Stringerhs is against the Idea of using Ryshana i would like to create a differant jedi although i would prefer to use a RY.



Notes: I’ve added the date on a DD/MM/YY basis and if you read Nic and Jana You’ll know I start stories having a character tell a prologue. This is normally the main character of the story.


1) The passenger- Nic intro 28/01/10BBY

The crew take on passengers as well as transporting a prisoner. Things go wrong and they discover one of the passengers is a Jedi. Basically the first RP edited but excluding Reibe.


2) The Last Jedi- Ryshana Intro 30/01/10BBY

This is the second RP with Cloud’s sub-plot cut out of it so it concentrates more on Ryshana. Also Reibe only appears at the end to save the day.


3) Reibe- Jana Intro 31/01/10BBY

After escaping from Vader the crew end up helping the mysterious Reibe in finding an ancient artefact. Reibe also reveals some truths to Nic about his First mate.


4) Best served cold- Cloud intro 17/02/10BBY

After finding a lead on the ware bouts of his lost loves murderer, him and Jana go out on a search for the bounty hunter. Meanwhile Nic, Beryl and Ryshana infiltrate a Grand moff’s party to get vital information for Carman.


5) Mistresses of ceremony- Beryl Intro 10/03/10BBY

While travelling through Skran space the ship in boarded, Nic and the women are captured. They discover the Skran pirates are a matriarchy and want the women to join them while Nic is to be married to one of the Skran. The only way to get Nic out of the situation is for Beryl to fight the would-be-wife to the death.


6) The Carbonite Jedi- Oliver Intro 12/03/10BBY

The crew find a derelict ship from the end of the clone war while leaving Scran space and decide to check it out. After discovering a Jedi encased in carbonite Oliver must make a decision about him.


7) Bounty Hunters- Ryshana Intro 02/05/10BBY

As the imperial ships can’t seem to find the Jedi, Vader choose to send the two most deadly bounty hunters in the galaxy, Sankra and Jon, after them.


8) Past Echoes- Nic Intro 13/06/10BBY

The echo is captured by an imperial dreadnaught commanded by Nic’s brother, Ryshana hides on the ship while the rest are interrogated.


9) Escape from Mayholis Prime- Jana Intro 35/08/10BBY

While gun running to the rebel’s on Mayholis Prime Some of the crew get stranded on the planet and end up helping the rebels and citizens do the same before the Empire arrives. This leads them and 50 others on a trek through a forest.


10) Brothers and Sisters- Beryl Intro 04/09/10BBY

Beryl is contacted by one of her brothers in the Rebel alliance to go and aid some rebels on a small moon. After persuading Nic to take the ship there she discovers that the moon is being used by the imperials to test Bio-weapons and another brother is an imperial stationed there.


11) Lost in rage- Cloud Intro 12/10/10BBY

Cloud manages to pick up Kasons trail again and this time Nic decides to take the whole crew to help his mechanic. This time the bounty hunter is much more powerful and uses the force with a lightsaber and has led the crew into a trap.


12) The Order Part 1- Jack Intro 13/01/09BBY

While travelling a ghost route to stay out of the empires way the ship gets caught in a disruption field and land crash lands on a world lost for 4000 years. Jack starts to remember visiting the world and finds himself instrumental in communicating with the local inhabitants, the Rakata. He finds out about the ‘Order of Traya’ a group he was once a member of.


13) The Order Part 2- Jana Intro 14/01/09BBY

The ‘Order of Traya’ captures Jana and Beryl and Nic goes to extreme length to find out where they’ve been taking by torturing a member of the Order. Only when Reibe turns up they find the Orders Temple and interrupt a ceremony in which Jana is vital to.


14) The Order Part 3- Nic Intro 14/01/09BBY

After rescuing Jana. Nic and Ryshana go looking for Beryl only to fid she has turned to the dark side of the force.


15) Derelict- Beryl Intro 20/01/09BBY

Not long after the events with the Order the ship ends up in a minefield and finds it-self floating in space. As Jana, Cloud and Jack try to fix the ship Nic tries to comfort Beryl after the recent events and Ryshana Asks Reibe what she knows about Nic


16) The Things we did- Oliver Intro 33/01/09BBY

Oliver is forced to face up to what he did when he finds out his research has begun to be used on mass to help subjugate the Galaxy.


17) Making it Personal- Nic Intro 01/03/09BBY

Sankra and Jon Come after Nic after making things personal the last time they met by digging into his past and attacking his weak spots.


18) Ignorance is Bliss- Jack Intro 19/03/09BBY

Jack starts to remember a lot more about the Order and begins to be reminded of the things he did and asks Ryshana to help him.


19) Jeez- Ryshana Intro 10/04/09BBY

With Jacks help Ryshana manages to find Jeez but her happiness is short lived.


20) Vjun- Beryl Intro 16/07/09BBY

Nic is captured by his brother by Vaders orders and taken to his palace on Vjun, the rest of the crew risk everything to go and save him.


21) The Truth Always Hurts- Jana Intro 18/07/09BBY

After finding out the truth about Nic, Jana turns to Reibe and quickly discovers the truth about herself and Reibe. The consequences of these actions lead to Beryl reconnecting to the force.


22) Rebels In Need- Ryshana Intro 23/09/09BBY

With Zeek, an acquaintance of Nic and Jana, now in the Rebel alliance he asks Nic to help in out. In the meanwhile Beryl is trying to control her feelings trying to stop herself turning back to the Darkside.


23) Rebels still In Need- Nic Intro 24/09/09BBY

After the night celebrations Nic and Beryl wake up together. But before they could discuss their feelings for each other the ship is attacked by imperial’s then saved by the Rebels. The rebels then ask for the crews help and Beryl decides to join them and leaves the crew


23) Retribution- Beryl Intro 35/10/01BBY

8 years after beryl left the crew Nic gets contacted by one of her brothers within the alliance. She has gone missing and needs an independent party to find her, Nic agrees and ends up helping her to get vital plans transmitted to the Tantive IV.

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i really like the idea, so go for it. just as a hint, i'm going to be really getting into Ryshana, as she'll be a new character in my next 'Betrayal and Retribution' fanfic, so you'll be able to get a lot of backstory on her when i write it up (i've delayed posting it as i want a more complete work to be posted just about all at one time rather than bits and pieces at a time).


one thing to note is the idea you had with Jeez. interestingly enough, i already had something planned there with my RP, whenever its my turn, anyway. if you want a bit of collaboration there, give me a pm. ;)

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None of the stories are set in stone (Except the first one, as i've already started it.) but they were just basic ideas i had which worked with the story arc. I just felt i needed at least one story which dug into Rys past and also connected it to the whole Jana being a 'key' to the force plot that runs all the way through the 'series'. I think you can tell from the synopsis that i'm adding a love story between Nic and Beryl that never goes anywhere untill the end.

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My, my, my you've been busy, StarMark! Felt like I was reading an episode guide for a new TV-series. :) Feel free to use Beryl however you'd like to in your stories. I'm looking forward to reading them! :)


P.S. And I like the idea of Beryl going to the Dark Side. Given that she's untrained, and is a bit mischievious anyway, that's probably exactly what she would do if she were to be fully aware of her potential.

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I'd make a few changes to that Jana bio...


Oh, and so everybody knows, I'll be offline mostly 'till this weekend, I think. We're in the process of moving and our Internet connection hasn't made it to the new house yet. See all y'all laters.




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I'd make a few changes to that Jana bio...



Ok in what way would you like it changed, providing It's not the whole 'Key' thing it should be fine. The 'key' part is fairly pivitol to the whole plot and plays a part in the big climax at the end of the thing.


As three of you have said yeah i'll pretty much consider that as the Go ahead unless someone pops up and says No. With that i'll attempt to do a Story a month providing i Stuff in the real world doesn't get in the way.


I'm halfway through the first one so i won't post that until' i've finished it, If you guys want to check it out before i post it PM me your e-mail and i'll send it in a format you request.(this will also allow you to have some input and let me edit it before it goes to the masses... or the three people who decide to read it)

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No, no, nothing like that. Just one thing, really: In the TCTA, Jana knew Riebe as Tarla Vel. It wasn't until much later that her real name, Riebe Sothe came out.



Oh, and I'm still workin' on the final chapter of the N&J story. Expect the final edited version sometime early next week, I think. And Starmark, if you're wanting an editor for any of these, I'm still open. But this'll be the last time I'm online 'till this weekend, when our 'net connection finally makes it over to the new house.


See ya all laters,



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If you'd like to Edit them i'm more than happy to let you get at 'em as your Edits do greatly improve on the story. I'll also make sure the Bio is edited for the stories.



It would be a pleasure, Starmark. As you write, send 'em over. It'll give me something to do when I feel like doing nothing else... pretty much all the time :p

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Ok, in regards to my last post. I'm not sure who is approaching us. Could be Ryshana. Could be Stormtroopers. Could be Jack. Could be Beryl's brother Rayne or someone who works for him (as it is Rayne's hanger). Or a combination of any of the above. It's sort of dark and shadowy in the hanger, so Nic, Jana, and Beryl shouldn't be able to tell who they are until they are right in front of them.


At any rate, I'd like either Nic, Jana, or Beryl to jump him. (Or at least attempt to, if it's a 'friendly' approaching us.) We haven't had a fight scene in a while and I think it's time we have one. :)

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Hey guys. Sry I've been away for so long(more then 2 months). I was visiting my father and he didn't have a good internet connection so I couldn't get on. I also left because I ran out of ideas. I figured a vacation would bring me some new ones. Sry fo not telling you I went on vacation.



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Yay! Welcome back, EJ! :) Hope you had a great summer (even without a good internet connection. ;) ) The thread's been pretty slow over the past two months, so hopefully it won't take you too long to catch up on all of the old posts.


But, if you're short on reading time, here's where we are at the moment: Jack, Cloud, and Oliver have been on the Echo while Nic, Jana, Ryshana, and Beryl captured the data from Moff John Butcher about the Rhea's whereabouts, and then returned to the ship (after having to go and 'fetch' Jana after she got ditched off her swoop bike.) And now they're all back together again, they've got the data for the location of the Rhea. Vader's looking for them, and so the Echo is making her getaway from Corellia hidden in the belly of a behemoth freighter (owned by Beryl's brother.)


So, EJ, you're just in time to pick up where you left off! :)

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