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Mercenary Crew: Age of the Empire: Discussion and Recruitment thread


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Don’t worry about the length of the story Sting, yeah you could have conceived, carried and given birth to a baby in he time it took to get through it, but is was a good ride.


So a lot of stuff happened in this story and now we’re all split up, some are dead, some are thought to be dead and now there are more Jedi on the crew than from the last one. Somehow we gained a constantly horny lesbian, an imperial medic and a convicted criminal to join in the fun.


Anyway because Gracey left our noble(ish) ranks two things have changed, Firstly I would like to officially welcome back the original Sith Hunter himself, Writer. (Applause). Also this means once Jasra’s story comes to an end Rogue get to do his one if he wishes.



So Now there’s nothing else to say but Good luck JasraLantill! (Applause Again)

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FYI: Conn and Max will be separated from the crew for the time between the escape from the prison to the rescue of Nic and Beryl from Carida (essentially from the end of Fraught to the start of Jasra's new thread). I figure Sam can fill in as an emergency medic or something for the time being. :xp:


See everyone in the new thread. :)

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Hey all! I just realised we have two permanent characters (at least they seen permanent) without Char sheets in this RP and that doesn’t sit right with me. I’m easily confused and I need some kind of reference for these characters, so before I get so confused and scared I start wearing a tin foil hat to keep the aliens out of my mind, can Stingerhs and Writer please get sheets for Jeez and Reibe. Also as Sam seems permanent also JasraLantill said she’ll do one for her as she tends to do the controlling for her.

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not a problem, starmark. i'll throw something together here....


Position: Temp medic/Headhunter Pilot/turret gunner and Mechanic's assistant

Name: Yajisif Quiinzara

Nickname: Jeez

Species: Human (Mandalorian orgin)

Sex: Male

Age: 36

Allignment: Grey on some things, but mostly lightside

Appearance: Moderate skin tone with dark, black hair that is kept short and neat. Clean shaven, and a few barely noticeable scars on his face exist. His body is very well built with a defined musculature. There is a small metallic port at the base of his head.

Weapons/Equipment: A single, blue lightsaber with an abnormally long hilt that is slightly curved at the base; several sets of plain and unassuming clothing

Bio: The son of a Corellian prostitute and Jango Fett, Jeez is a direct descendant of the ancient Mandalorians. Brought to the Jedi Temple as a newborn, Jeez was brought up and trained from infancy to be a Jedi as most Jedi were at the time.


Jeez would be involved with a relationship with another Jedi that was about his age. Whenever it was discovered, Jeez had to choose between the Jedi and the girl, and Jeez chose the Jedi. The decision would forever change Jeez, and he would often times find himself at odds mentally with the ancient dogma of the Jedi.


Just before the start of the Clone Wars, Jeez would meet and serve with Ryshana on a mission to restore peace to the planet Perlexom. The planet was unique in that it supplied an ore that was essential to the making of anti-gravity technology, and as such, it was an important world for both sides of the coming war. Ryshana and Jeez would spar verbally and disagree with each other often, but they did succeed.


Whenever the Clone Wars began, the Jedi decided to secretly insert a Jedi into the ranks of the rather independently-minded Commando Clones in order to keep tabs on one of the Emperor's pet projects. Jeez was chosen for the task due to him being Jango Fett's son. As such, he blended perfectly into the ranks of the Commandos. Unfortunately, the unit Jeez was assigned to was also commanded by none other than Ryshana.


The two Jedi did not get along, and this was moreso apparent during the Commando Unit's first several engagements in which Jeez would several times outright disobey Ryshana's direct orders. Eventually, however, Jeez and Ryshana would be spurned into getting along as moral among the Commando's plummeted due to the poor leadership.


Forced the get along, Jeez and Ryshana began to see eye-to-eye more often, and it led them into an understanding of each other. As the Clone Wars continued, Jeez and Ryshana eventuallly became good friends.


About a year and a half into the war, it was revealed to the other Commandos that Jeez was not a clone, but rather, Jeez was a Jedi due to an encounter with Count Dooku. However, the Commandos decided to keep the secret if and only because Jeez seemed to be more of a true comrade in battle than a Jedi.


After the encounter with Dooku, the Commando Unit was given permission to have an extended shore leave at Alderaan. It was here that Jeez and Ryshana decided to marry each other shortly after they admitted that their friendship was much more than just simple comradery.


The marriage proved a success as the Clone Wars continued, but of course, everything went south after Order 66. The Commandos, however, decided to join the people that they considered to be their own brother and sister, and as such, they became the only squad of Clones to rebel against Order 66.


In an attempt to find a hiding place among several very wealthy Corellian families, Jeez and Ryshana ran into trouble, and Jeez purposely separated them so that at least Ryshana would live. From there, Jeez was captured and taken to the Facility where Twerna peformed his experiments.


The rest, you should already know. With a couple of exceptions that will be revealed later, of course. ;)

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EDIT: Alright, here she is.




Position: Advisor/Trainer/secondary fighter pilot (has her own fighter attached to the ship)


Name: Reibe Vailar


Nickname: N/A


Species: Human (with slight genetic abnormalities)


Sex: Female


Age: roughly 2100 years (appears approximately 20 years)


Alignment: “My own,” Reibe elusively states if asked, “though the Jedi come nearer to my ideals than the Sith... for the most part.”


Appearance: With Reibe being a flat five feet in height, it’s suitable to wonder if her growth was somehow stunted when she was younger, but she scarcely speaks of her younger hears. Her hair is darker than Jana’s, as close to being black as ‘dark brown’ can get and is pulled back in a braid that reaches to her waist. They both have brown eyes, though Reibe’s are a lighter tint of brown.


Weapons/Equipment: Two lightsabers, one starfighter, and little else that has been seen by the crew of the Echo. She seems to have a few random tools and machines tucked away in places, but not much beyond that. “I travel light,” she says.



Search the Galactic Database: Reibe Vailar

Searching recent files...

Error: File not found! Closest match:

Dana Vailar-Vincent


Display? No.

Continue search? Yes.

Revise search terms? Yes.

Specify search term to be changed: Time period.

Specify time period: 2100 BBY

Searching archives...

Match found. Reibe Vailar...


File encrypted. HIN executive access only.

Enter password: ***********

Incorrect password.

Enter password: ******

Incorrect password.

Enter password: ********

Incorrect password.

Password hint? Yes.


Of all the systems in the galaxy, the one I need hides beyond the galaxy’s understanding.

Enter password: ||||||||

Confirm cancel? Yes.



Oddly enough, a search for ‘HIN’ brings up less than the search for Reibe. She keeps quiet about her past and has used her information network to simultaneously preserve information the Empire wishes to eliminate and protect information the Emperor dearly wishes he could access.


There is a small file with encryption that is easily broken. It suggests that Reibe served the Jedi at her convenience and betrayed them (shifted her loyalty to the Empire, as the file so delicately puts it) when they could have used her aid the most. More heavily encrypted Imperial files list her as the first of the Emperor’s Hands and it’s possible that she was the template the Emperor used when looking for potential Hands.


A little further into the file, it mentions an apprentice Reibe trained to Knighthood for the Jedi, a woman named Caitlin Bryce. Caitlin went on to train Erica West and Nadira DelCarr. The searches on these three women lest them as ‘deceased’, and mention that they were killed by Reibe. However, there is no substantial evidence of this, or even that the women are dead.


The last paragraph in the file states that Reibe vanished shortly after the rise of the Empire and has been seen very little since then. There have been many supposed sightings, but none confirmed. More recently, she has been drifting in and out of the Imperial eye and though she’s still listed as an Imperial ally, a more heavily encrypted file suggests that they are beginning to doubt her loyalty.


Reibe is known to carry two lightsabers, one formerly wielded by Mace Windu, and the other by Saesee Tiin. She is reported to have told the Emperor, “In the days of the Jedi Order, it was customary to return the lightsabers of fallen Jedi to the Temple. In these new days, the Temple is gone, but the lightsabers of fallen Jedi would still be honored for the hands that once held them. I take these two and by wielding them beyond the ends of their makers’ lives, I desecrate their memory.”


When questioned on the short monologue by Jana, Reibe answered, “I told the man what he wanted to hear and the fool believed it merely because it’s what he wanted to believe. Let me tell you my true feelings and reasons for carrying these.” She removed both sabers from her belt and extended them to Jana.


“In the days of the Jedi Order, it was customary to return the lightsabers of fallen Jedi to the Temple,” she said, echoing the first part of her original statement. “In these dark days, the Temple has been torn down and replaced with an Imperial palace, so the old customs are impossible. A day will come when the Jedi will resume their place of old, but until that day, lightsabers are trophies of those who’ve killed or found a Jedi dead. Not these two. Until the day of restoration, these two will find no rest, for there is still so much work to be done.”


The Sith Hunter’s own lightsaber was turned over to Palpatine the day she gave her first speech, but it is unknown what he did with it. Reibe says that she asked him for it five times, but he refused, claiming he lost it. Reibe doesn’t believe him.



To the crew of the Echo, her more recent past is better known, as it’s been played out in these RP’s.

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Woo, this RP is now on it's fifth incarnation, which is awesome. But it can get pretty confusing sometimes, especially with recent trends having the crew be separate from each other. So in an attempt to streamline everything, I created a mini wiki for the Mercenary Crew universe as a whole. (Note: Mercenary Crew Bounty Hunters is also there, since it's the only other active MC RP; I chose not to include the others since they are effectively dead. However if someone feels the need to add them, go right ahead.) I'm not so well-versed on what happened in the earlier AOTE RPs, so if someone would like to embellish a bit more, that would be great. :>


I copied most of the character profiles from this thread and just plugged them in. I think they could do with a bit of updating, however, given recent events, so feel free to edit and stuffs. All I ask is that you keep everything nice and orderly. :3 And if you can think of any other sections to add, go right ahead! I know I still have to draft up pages for the Echo and the Scimitar, streamline the timelines a little bit more, add summary pages for each separate complete episode (halp me plz) and possibly add an inter-relationship page (since what our characters think of each other can get confusing a lot of the time!).


So yeah, I hope you like it. :)

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Alrighty, so as it's incredibly late (or early, depending on how you look at it) and I was feeling rather creative, I scoured the depths of the internet and came up with two things. The first was from the beginning of this thread, the interior layout of the Echo. I added it into the page about the ship on the wiki... and also made some modifications, for an updated Echo, also added to the wiki.


And the second thing is... I finally found a Reibe pic! :D This is notable since I've been RP'ing her in one form or another for... four years? Yah, I think that's about right. Anyway, I added her pic into the wiki too, but to celebrate the thread in which this astonishing event finally took place...


Reibe Vailar, found on October 26, 2007, edited (to remove a white streak all down the left side, cutting through that arm) and posted to the wiki and to this thread October 27, 2007, 1:15 AM.


And on that note, I'm off to bed. G'mish to all :)

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Hello all, I was just wondering if maybe you had another spot open to join. I was planning on asking earlier towards the beginning of the new Mercenary Crew thread, but real life got in the way. :( I'm here now, though, and would like to give this thing a try if you'll have me. :)

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i certainly don't mind seeing some fresh blood new faces around here as long as you can commit to it.


just let us know what you have in mind. ;)


and for everybody else, i have a wedding to catch (my sister's), so i'll be gone for a couple of days. no biggie. really. well, laterz chaps. cheers. :)

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I'm also in favor of adding Quist to our little band of mercs.


And oddly enough, I'm also reporting an absence of a few days... 'till sometime next week, though I may be able to pop on and shoot off a couple responses from time to time... see y'all.

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Ok Quist all though there are no positions open as we want to keep cloud init as an NPC (at least for now) you’re welcome to join. So go ahead and make a character sheet and we’ll work on a the how we meet you and why you end up travelling on the Echo. So you know an easy way for the Why is if your character have a prior relationship with at least one member of the crew so I suggest you think about that and if you decide that’s the way to go tell the person who you want the prior relationship with to see if that’s fine.

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I don't have any objections for Quist joining, and there should be plenty of opportunities coming up for the crew to meet a new character.


Just a for a heads up for Quist and everyone else, the plan for my thread is that once the crew gets back together on the Echo (which should be soon), they'll be meeting up with a blockade running ship (one of Rayne Quitaan's ships) and then we'll be heading off to Chandrila to stop an Imperial bio-experiment.

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Thank guys! :)


Here's my profile:


Name: Noelle M'si

Nickname: "Elle"

Species: Hapan

Sex: Female

Age: ~25

Appearance: Stands 5'7 tall, with wavy dark brown hair and eyes.

Weapons and equipment: A simple hold-out blaster purchased for self-defense.

Bio: Noelle says she hails from the secluded Hapes Cluster, growing up in the frosty northern mountains of the Hapan homeworld. Not much is known about her beyond that, and for good reason, since any information on Hapans in general is bound to be scant, given the Consortium's isolationist tendencies.


What is known about her besides her vague origins is the fact that she's something of a polymath. She usually excels at anything she puts her mind to. She possesses a special affinity for electronics and machinery, spending a good part of her free time tinkering around with whatever she can get her hands on. She also demonstrates an aptitude for chemistry and is fascinated by the way living beings work.


Noelle is friendly and almost always upbeat. She enjoys making friends and is always ready with a quick and honest smile, no matter what the circumstances. When questioned about her past, however, she doesn't really seem to remember much and tends to deflect the conversation onto other topics.


She is currently on Chandrila, working as a researcher in the Experimental Medicine Department. She had previously worked at Sienar Fleet Systems as an assistant medical technician, working under Conway Harlowe for half a year until his departure.



Let me know if that works for you. :)

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Ok Quist Sheets fine but we have to remember the situation the crew are in and ways a new crew member can join remembering the fact that there are 5 Jedi(or sensitive) on board. The other fact to consider is that Cloud is already the ships engineer so unless there is a good reason the crew wouldn’t need another.


So here are two suggestions that could help the situation.


First to make room we are getting rid of Sam so there’ll be a Gunner post free on the ship which you may want to be the characters position rather than Engineer.




You need to reconsider the prior relationship thing, if one of the character know you are trust worthy and wouldn’t sell out the crew for the bounties it’ll be easier to get your character onboard regardless of her position.

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After talking things over with Rogue Nine, I've edited Noelle's profile a little bit. She now knows Conn from their brief time together at Sienar. She's working on Chandrila, and she'll give the crew a contact for their mission.


Once she's aboard, I figure she could be a Jane-of-all-trades, helping Conn out with his medical duties, Cloud with the engineering duties, maybe even a little gunner duty.


Hope this works for you. :)

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Works for me, Quist. :)


Sorry I haven't been online much the past couple of days, but I've been dying with a really, really bad cold. :( *sniffles* Think I'll try to do a joint post with Niner to discuss the data Beryl found at Carida, and then the Hammerspace should just go to Ruusan to meet up with the Echo. *reunion--yay! :)*


I'm thinking it might be a good idea to have everyone meet up in the cantina rather than have the two ships dock with each other, but if anyone has any other ideas feel free to let me know.


I'll try to be online this weekend at the latest to get us moving again.

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Ok AotEers I’m going to make things more interesting for the AotE threads by throwing in a sub-plot story arc that will run from now and all the way till my third thread in about 10 stories were it will climax.


I have named the Story Arc ‘The Key’ which you may recognise was going to be a theme in the Fan-Fic that I still haven’t gotten around to doing. In the Fan-Fic version the Key was going to be Jana but it may not be her in the RP (I honestly haven’t decided who it will be).


Without giving to much away at this early stage, the ‘Key to the Force’ is being hunted by the Sith and the mysterious ‘Order of Traya’ as it is said that the Key can grant great power or be used to destroy the Force itself. The ‘Key to the force’s’ destiny is intertwined with three others who are destined to protect it, one of which is always the eldest son of the current generation of the Raikellii family (Nic/Simon). I haven’t decided who the other two are yet but it will be someone on the ship.


If you would rather keep your character out of this partly or entirely, or if you really want your character to be actively involved please PM me. If I don’t get one I’ll consider that you are fine with it.

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K all. as some of you may have worked out from my last post someone else in the RP is going to die and I’m sure those have already worked out who it will be. Cloud is going to be killed off to make room for a new NPC that I intend to introduce in the Next Story or the end of this one but I need to discuss this with Rogue and Jasra.


The new character is needed for the Key Storyline but won’t be Force sensitive, I already have a character planned and the people who have seemed the rough Bio I did for him like the idea. I’ll post the Bio around the time he is actually introduced into the story.


Any questions just ask and I’ll try to answer.

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Happy Birthday

That's right people by some miracle this little ol’ RP of ours has managed to last not only one year but 2. Yes on the 22nd of January 2006 I begun this very thread in the hope to rise a phoenix from the ashes of one that had died before, and with all your help I managed it. So Thank you all for participating in the RP whether you were here from the start or joined more recently.


Here are too another 2 years and possibly more!!! :yeldance:

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