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I'm a long time player of JK. I started when only the trial version was availible to be downloaded. I played for several years at the zone in several different clans. I play this with a friend off and on, but would love to play against others again.


Could someone please walk me through loggin in on the mIRC. I did it...or so I thought...but no one was there. So, I don't know if no one was there or if I'm just a newbie at mIRC. **hint..."newbie" was the orginal term applied to newbs way back when in early only JK.


Please help,



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AIM: GameDev9114

Yahoo: GameDev914


I play JK quite a bit now since it's the summer. I've REALLY wanted to have a JKRPG match, but I couldn't find anyone to do a match. Maybe we could start a match sometime?


(btw, I'm pretty new, just joined a day or two ago)

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Oh yes, it does. And in fact, it was primarily designed with SP in mind.


I have been trying to convince them to split the project up into two versions (one for Mp and one for Sp), since some of the Sp stuff breaks compatability online with people using vanilla JK. So you have to use an older version online to be able to play with people who don't have it.


I also checked and you can use it with MotS MP as well (just rename the Gob to a Goo), though if you try to edit your character (for one of the enhanced models) it will crash, since I guess the model previews haven't been updated for MotS.


If anybody wants me to send them the old version for compatability, please let me know (kurganx@comcast.net).


Personally I hate the look of the new Rail detonator (looks like a cross between the QuakeII shotgun and a tommy gun), and I would prefer if Kyle wasn't wearing his Jedi Outcast gloves (he was gloveless in both the JK1 game and cutscenes), but otherwise I think it's pretty darn awesome.

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Btw, I just had an AWESOME run of MotS games last night with xxMasterKatarnxx (Andrew), Lathain Valtiel and LS_Nick (?Gridlock). It was the biggest game of MotS I'd played since 2003! We actually had four people for like 99% of the game. We played personalities: deathmatch, MotS CTF and a little bit of KFY at the end.


Lag was minimal (one of us was on dialup, I hosted), and amazingly, none of the MotS bugs cropped up (like the infamous multiple falling death bug). A few of us got spammed with carb gun, but that was to be expected, hehe. ;)


My team got smoked repeatedly except for the last game, where it ended in a bit of a stalemate (both of the flags were held and neither of us could be killed), but we won based on points from having more kills.


Despite the rustiness you'd expect over the long years of not playing, it was amazing how quickly I could pick the game back up and what kinds of things I remembered about the game. Anyway, lots of fun, I hope we can do some more of it this weekend!


I played a game with "t3ch" earlier, and he beat me, though I made mention that somebody called me on the phone during our second map, so I was a little distracted (not that he wasn't good, he was!), which was an excellent warmup though.


One thing I did learn... MotS CTF with the Soldier class is VERY frustrating. Yes, he's great on defense, but that's about it. He's too slow to be an effective flag runner (unless everyone else is also a soldier), and his lack of Force powers make navigating a map like Challenge at Nar Shaddaa a nightmare. If you don't mind purposely killing yourself over and over again until you respawn in your own base though, that might not be so bad. It seems like Jedi and Scout are really the best choices for MotS CTF (though a BH is really annoying on defense since he can freeze people quickly and easily!). It would be fun to play with Ranked Jedi next time to see how MotS stacks up in that regard.


PS: Just remember when you play MotS CTF, to enable "Teamplay" check when hosting the server and to have people use the Command: Team # after they enter to fix their team skins if it doesn't register (as it didn't for some of us). The team tunnels will swap you automatically to red or gold, but sometimes MotS forgets to update it.

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I would be happy to play jk or mots w/e every1 is playing at the time. I sadly cannot connect to mirc cause of my isp is banned from it. there any other way where i can come chat, be able to what games are going on etc. I can chat through msn and x-fire. You can also private message me on the forum.


Msn http://www.DogloverRoss08@aol.com

x-fire jedimasterross08

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MasterRoss: Funny how your MSN account is an AOL email address! Do you have AIM?



Funny also how many people use MSN (they can't ALL be microsoft employees!). I can't get it to work for me, period. Don't know why!


Maybe it's because I don't use IE anymore? (but I have win2k)


I use Trillian and thereby manage accounts for Yahoo, AIM, and ICQ, since it seems like so many people have just one that they use. ;) But MSN, just doesn't work. I have an account, but it just fails to login. I don't feel like installing their messager program seperately to run it at the same time.


I have Xfire, but hardly anyone I know uses it that plays the same games I do, so I rarely use it (and I don't want to run it at the same time as trillian, though I'm told the main reason people like it is because it won't interrupt your game when somebody sends you a message).

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Yay Some1 answered me. thanks for the input. lol yes i do have aim i think i do atleast. i have aol blasted so i should have aim. i just didnt use aim. my aim should be DogloverRoss08. and got x-fire with my graphics card that my mom got. i just had messanger cause i played swgb on zone. i am not usually on during afternoons but i do get on evenings. I share the comp with my bros so i have to take turns with them. I have dial up though. I hope im not a hindrance to any1 just wanna playand have fun. well, i may be getting high speed internet sometime early next year. i also have a old comp well ill b getting a new one around oct,nov it just has to come in. but thanks for atleast answering me.

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Minor note here: I can go on irc chat now which is great. thanks to some help I can gather there now. if any1 wants to contact me any other way my email is: http://www.DogloverRoss08@aol.com Msn Messanger DogloverRoss08@aol.com . and of course through this forum on this thread, private messages. if any1 wants to email me make sure the subject is on star wars . maybe also adding on jedi knight or mysteries of the sith. thank you all and hope to play with you all soon. oh ya my aim should be DogloverRoss08 . some1 try it sometime

when im on to see if thats right.




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Hyde here

I play all kinds of JK, and my personal favourite is with the SBX mod. If you've never tryed this mod, i suggest you do, it's just great! you can download it from here http://www.massassi.net/levels/download_level.php3?level_id=1887

And if you'r looking for someone to play any kind of JK/Mots, add my MSN addy to your list: hyde_jk@hotmail.com

Plus, if you'r looking for a JK clan, I suggest you check my clan's forums (you have the link in my signature), we'r always looking for new members, so if you are interested maybe you can join us


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Hey good to hear that people are still intersted in playing Jedi knight

and mysteries of the sith.


Ok let me give you all some input on whats going on.

Me and some friends Kurgan,Andrew,Chris,Matt,Nick

have been playing jedi knight and Mysteries of the sith

just about everyweek. Usually on the weekends and have been

doing this for months. So we are welcoming anyone interested in

playing to come join us.


Now to answer some questions


Maarten: All that you need to play is just Jedi knight installed to

play with us. Me and some others usually just play on the regular

maps installed. Now if we do decide to play Mysteries of the

Sith you have to have that installed as well.

But as for needing anything you just need the game installed on your

computer. If me and my friends decide to play on some

modded map or use some mod We will let people know.


Unlife: glad that you showed interest I will PM you for yor info and

hope to play with you soon :)

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Hello people!


This place is a life saver! Ever since I reinstalled Jedi Knight this morning and started frantically downloading multiplayer levels I was wondering what had happened to all the Old School Jedi Knight players! It's no surprise they would be scarce since it's an old game but it's a shame to let all the good custom material for this game go to waste! Nice to see you people still around!


Anyway, here are my specifications! I'm originally "NF Saberist" but I'll do the whole "Sha-bang"! I don't usually use mods but I'm up for it! My favorite level at the moment is Drazen Isle and I have all BFP2 packs all the way to 2x! Just give me a list of all the mods you guys play and I'll be more than happy to download them. I'm just about to download the patch commander! Feel free to message me anytime when I'm online.


Man, does this bring back nostalgic feelings... Seems like yesterday hard to believe that 7 years have already passed since I last played this game to the extreme. By the way do you have any idea where I can still purchase this game online? I going to want to get other friends into this for as long as I can. Well, that's it for my explosion of verbal diarrhea. See you guys on the battlefield. Peace out!


Aim: DarthVitruvio

MSN: kfcyurimaru@hotmail.com

Yahoo!: chikan_sama@yahoo.com



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Hey great to here from you vitruvius.

Jkle doesnt usually play mods lately that is but we

are all up for any if anyone is up for some.

(well some of us that is)

Today we actually had 8 people playign today which was

an awesome evening. We would like to play more on

Sunday as well. So we will keep in touch.

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Hey guys, i finally got intrested in the old jedi knight games, most probably will turn me away but i really like the jedi knight series, but, was having some issues.. The Online, its not like the newer 2 games ( Jedi outcast and Jedi Academy) where you connect, click a server and play. I got an IP, but when i type it in, it says its connecting, for hours, but never goes through, i turn off my fire wall, i got no idea how to fix or do this =/. If anyone can help me, please( registered here to start the game, so new to forums aswell...)


please help here or maybe on my messengers


Msn- Sharkbite1209@hotmail.com

Yahoo- Sharkbite12095@yahoo.com

Aim- Sharkbite1209

Xfire- Clearshot5


Any help would be grand, i'd love to play this game online :(

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