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I have seen alot of people In Gamesurge And just people who Join by Ip adresses..what If I told you you didn't have to port forward..mess with your router..simple Get gameranger..free client easy to get I have posted this alot of times just to make sure people see It I have played with friends In Jk on gameranger It works completely..With Or without mods..or ip adress ..Just simple create a room let people know you have them open Join and start..




Jedi Knight will never die again ...as long As that exists:thmbup1:

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I just want to update this thread...


we're all at irc.gamesurge.net on IRC under #jk


there's still 30-50 players who come in and out to play... usually if you're lucky, you can play up to 10-20 games per day.


I'm game ALL summer. So look me up on AIM at "Beethovenite"!



Gameranger like I said In the lowest Thread..Easy fix for this multiplayer finding Issue Gameranger Is more the new Era Of MSN gaming zone even though ...msn gaming zone will be missed but try It out ..start a server or some with friends I might join you :)

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